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I don't have very good antennae on these sorts of things, so please forgive me if I'm completely off base here.  


WHY did he have insurance?  

My parents took out insurance for us when we were born in part as a savings account--we got the increased value and used it for our education at age 18 or so.  Had one of us died, the insurance would have covered our burial costs, relieving my parents from a sudden and unsustainable expense.  Given the number of "GoFundMe"s I have received requesting help at the burial of a child, the insurance seems to be a way of looking out for the birth-family (and maybe for you).  


But I don't know how this stuff works anymore and I certainly don't know how it works in this situation, or what his intention is.  



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Patty Joanna, I don't know.  It's possible he took out insurance before we began raising them and just continued, however we had them 8 years before adopting.  The adoption was finalized December 30.  


Wow. That's amazing.  I am so thankful things are finalized now and the kids can be stable.  


That said, in those intervening 8 years, the grandfather might have been trying to do something to help, something good...and that was one thing he could think of.  In those intervening 8 years, things were still not settled, so it seems to me that it is at least a possibility that he was trying to provide...something.  I don't know him or the situation or much of anything about the whole scenario, but unless there is reason to suspect malicious intent by doing this, I would assume that there is a certain amount of goodness in it...and probably a certain amount of heartbreak.  I know of three sets of grandparents who have had their hearts broken by their children's screw-ups...through drugs or whatever, they have lost not only their children, but their grandchildren, so I am probably a little over-sensitized to this.  :0(


Why not call the insurance commissioner and ask what the deal is re: this sort of thing.  And maybe it is creepy, but maybe it's not...maybe it's just part of a lot of sadness. 


Thank God you have been there to stand with and for these children.  I don't been to be interfering or talk like I am some expert.  I'm just kind of filled with sadness for the broken-hearted of the world.  

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