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Who's going to tackle Tuesday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning!


•give dog medicine

•scoop yard

•put away laundry

•do a quick cleaning of all four bathrooms

•finish paying a few bills, do a bit of paperwork

•fill bird feeders

•clean stalls, tidy up hay shed


•vacuum upstairs

•dinner=cajun salmon and sweet potato fries

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Good morning!  Yesterday was miserably gray, rainy and raw.  Today the sun is shining!


Already done:

pets feed


Read City of God for book group

Wrote my book review for 52 Books


Made lunch for 15 yo

Took 15 yo to Bio class

Roused 18 yo


To do:


Take 18 yo to class


Read more City of God

take 15 and 18 home

Do Latin with my kids

run lots of errands

make phone calls

Figure out dinner for tonight

Work on my own Latin homework

Babysit this evening


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Good morning! I am back from the practice run. Tomorrow is an off day, so I am looking forward to that. Today, I have to get boys up and working. And I have some random things to do.


To do:

daily chores

vacuum basement

school with boys


fill out some sports paperwork

$ for aikido

go through some papers

make hearty snack for after school (late-ish practices tonight)

dh doing the judo run


Have a great day!


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  • Kids out to school.


Back to bed - sick.


Get up - try to get with it.  So much work that should already be done.


Might just take another nap.


Kids are at school until 7pm (basketball practice).  Hope they get their homework done before then.


Kid will want me to drive her to get her phone where she left it at the gym yesterday.  :/


Kids to bed.




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Be safe, Jen!


Kitchen all cleaned up.

A modicum of general picking up done.

Last two loads of laundry going.

Things I need to take tomorrow loaded in my van.

Kids in their own rooms, entertaining themselves.

Next up: more tidying and some reading.

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