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Teenage boys and ties, so funny.


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Of my three sons, only one likes to dress up. The other two not only do not like it, but consider it torture.


So the 16.5 year old is getting dressed for the rocket team NASA presentation today and while adjusting his tie said, "I am going to whine and complain about every single tie I have to wear including when I am forced to attend weddings, even my own!"


Me: "You are going to be forced to get married?"


Him: "If I am at a wedding and the program says I am the groom,yup....I am being forced!"


Me: "Dude, if you are forced to get married, don't blame me. Nuh uh. The last thing I need is the family drama of an unhappy in law!"



Sometimes I do not understand this child!

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The whole family marvels that a strip of fabric around the neck is the dressed up version for guys.


But I suppose that hose and heels are just as awful.

I suggested a round of "trade places" in which he would wear 2.5" heals, hose, and a slip under a dress while I wore dress pants, wingtips, and a tie.


He was NOT amused!:D

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My lawyer husband puts his tie on in his office before going to court or meeting with a client, and usually takes it off while he's driving home. He tries to keep his actual tie-wearing time to the absolute minimum. I remember some female comedian in the nineties who wondered how smart men could be if they start each day tying a small noose around their necks. It does make you wonder how that seemed like a good idea.

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