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Who's going to tackle Tuesday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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I am up, partly because I have work to do, but partly because I got drawn into some of the books that were delivered Monday.  These were supposed to be for the kids.  Turns out they are over my kids' heads still, but they got my rusty old brain working.  Unfortunately this is not what I should be doing in the wee hours of the morning.  (But, when else can I do it?)  I will go to bed soon.  Disappointed in myself that I did not finish some of the work I intended.  But I'll get over it.


Tuesday - need to remember to send the kids' band instruments to school with them.


This evening, I think we will skip soccer practice (if it isn't canceled due to sogginess).  I want to get back to TKD and see if there is any chance of us qualifying for this Saturday's belt test.  We missed the last one and I don't want to miss another one if I can help it.

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Good morning

- get girls up and dressed- done

- take dd1 to school (she has a project due today that I don't want ruined on the bus)- done

- nap???- a little one

- tidy house (as best I can with out being able to do laundry, can't wait for Thursday)- kitchen done, dishes in dishwasher

- school work- completed 2 of 4 EAQS

- get dd1 off bus- done

- dinner- meet pulled to thaw

- baths

- bedtime routine

- start studying for final exams (and make a study schedule)

- make a list of things to be done when I'm done for the semester

- anything else I get done: reserved hotel rooms for going to GA and back (still need to reserve rooms while in GA), have some one picking up old washer/dryer tonight around 7 (we gave it away and the people taking it are going to fix it for the local homeless shelter), went to Walmart for a few things, reserved rooms for GA, called on credit card (it was compromised)

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-get oldest to school, youngest to co-op for Drama class (I am TA)

-workout (legs and glutes day)

-school work (hoping he will be self sufficient)

-parents coming at 11 so Dad can change a can light into a hanging light in foyer

-figure out dinner


-hair appointment at 3

-get everyone fed

-get son to baseball pregame practice by 6:15

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Went to bed late, and thus overslept this a.m.


Posted my letter J post in my blog challenge

Kids have been sleeping in every day since Easter, today I wake them a bit earlier to get started

Breakfast school (which we haven't been doing for the last couple of weeks really)

Mobile vet is supposed to be here between 9:30 and 10:30


Get kids to history class

errands/make phone calls re tile and plumbing fixtures

p/u kids from history

prep a bit more for RE

Take 17 yo to his CC music class

teach RE

p/u 17 yo

dinner (14 yo has started making dinners!  Hooray!)

Latin - both with my own kids and prep for Latin classes at co-op.


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I did more work than yesterday, but still didn't finish the two things that are making me nervous.


We went to TKD.  We stayed through 2 consecutive classes in the hope of finally learning our form well enough to practice it at home.  I wish there was a video of it somewhere.  We still didn't get the OK to test on Saturday, so we will try again on Thursday.


I saw an article that said "mature" people like me get cognitive benefits from TKD.  It truly is a mental challenge for me to remember all the steps in the forms.  Possibly that means I am stupid or really uncoordinated.  :P  But it's a good reason for me to keep going.  Once soccer is over, I think we can be more consistent about going, as long as everyone's health holds up.

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