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I jave no more children in the home....


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Only teens.


I wanted to share that this past weekend, my daughter with RAD and I had the best mother/daughter day that we have ever had. I can tell it meant a lot to her because she is still beaming four days later. Today is her 13th birthday!


A week and a half ago or so she started to cry and told me that she never has time alone with me. I explained to her that I just can't take the sabotage which follows, I can't do it anymore. She assured me she wouldn't sabotage. I believed her because in the past she has ALWAYS told me when she would have to act out if we did XXX.


The sabotage usually immediately follows but she's doing great still.


We left in the morning that day and didn't come home until she was too tired to keep her little eyes open. :)


We have gotten to enjoy many huge, for her, events in the past few years, which was something she had always sabotaged for most of her life. The trick was always having her sister with us. We have done several girls weekends away, concerts, Grewt Eolf, just to mention a few.


My update is my reality, but this is also my reality. Most days are normal, we go months without issue, and she's turned into a great kid. Monitoring her at all times is just a part of of our family now.

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Happy Birthday to your dd!


Thank you for sharing your struggles and victories. I'm glad for both of you that her birthday was a joyous experience! That's a huge victory and hopefully the first successful birthday celebration of many more to come!


And, a big high five for giving your dd that celebration!!! You are an awesome mom!!!

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