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  1. This totally had me laugh out loud 'coz it's so true. We have two more weeks before starting back up, and yeah, not feeling it here either.
  2. This doctor seems to have better credibility than Stella Immanuel and he is saying the medicine works.
  3. May I recommend two Korean shows on Netflix? They both have 16 episodes. Crash Landing on You is lighthearted with some very funny scenes. My Mister is a masterpiece of a drama that is both devastating and healing at the same time. I can't recommend this one highly enough. Let me know if you want more details on any of them.
  4. Here's one recent study out of Germany:
  5. How about something like this?ón-transparente-transpirable/dp/B086WFYC1B/ref=sr_1_5?crid=267N1FMG4V228&dchild=1&keywords=face+shield&qid=1594226294&sprefix=face+shield%2Caps%2C231&sr=8-5
  6. Has the new CDC estimate for fatality rate been discussed here? With the estimate being at 0.4% and asymptomatic infection at 35%, the overall fatality rate is really 0.26%, about twice that of the seasonal flu. Does this bring a little comfort?
  7. Are you open to trying a Korean series? If so, Crash Landing on You is a funny romantic comedy about the romance between a South Korean heiress and a North Korean soldier. Another one is Signal, a drama on the top of many people's lists. Both shows are available on Netflix.
  8. Thank you, @RootAnn. 🙂 He was accepted to both Oxford and Emory College and today got notified of the scholarship they're awarding him. Not much compared to the total cost of attending, but still appreciated.
  9. Every Monday morning Irene would post her weekly message (lecture and instructions) to the class. Everything students need to do for that week would be included such as videos to watch, links to read, slides to review for that week's quiz, etc. She doesn't tape her own lectures but would suggest videos to watch before certain assignments. And obviously, everything is asynchronous.
  10. We've only had experience with the Honors Biology course. I thought it provided a good amount of rigor and challenge for my kids, and although they needed a lot of hand-holding in the beginning, they became more and more independent further into the year. We really needed something that had weekly deadlines with detailed feedback on assignments, and this class filled that need well. Weekly assignments included reading text and answering questions, chapter quiz, data analysis, and class discussion. Some weeks had labs and other projects. The instructor Irene Paine is great at answering questions promptly and would accommodate reasonable requests, but she also demands quality work from her students. I also loved that we could order all lab supplies from her at the beginning of class.
  11. Son got accepted to Emory/Oxford and UC Santa Barbara this week. We are in CA so still waiting to hear from a few more UCs before making a decision. We are very thankful and not taking anything for granted. So many with stellar stats were rejected/waitlisted that I started to wonder if applying as a homeschooler is a hook of some sort.
  12. Can anyone compare Blue Tent Honors Chemistry to Clover Valley Honors Chemistry? We are currently using and liking BT Honors Bio (after a rough start), but I am definitely giving a lot of support in the form of reading the text along and explaining the more difficult concepts.
  13. Congratulations! I had no idea that UCs send out any early acceptances. I thought they all do it in March.
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