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Stupid decisions in our homeschooling day


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I suggested DS start reading Harry Potter this morning before we started schoolwork. He's been a little reluctant to start them because they are longer than anything else he's read independently. It's been two and a half hours and he's 150 pages in. I don't have the heart to make him put it down. We're also all tired and recovering from a busy weekend, including Baby Boy's baptism and party yesterday.

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That's not a stupid decision. Everyone benefits from getting lost in a good book occasionally. Just save it for after school next time since you now know it is such good motivation for him and might be a nice carrot :)

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nothing wrong with letting him read all day. My Dd classes have had reading days in her school. Some of those days the parents were invited to read with their children. Dd looks forward to the reading days. As a homeschooling mom I know it's hard to break away from the schedule but it's a good thing to do once in a while.

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I sympathize with your little guy. I finished a good book last week and still can't find the motivation to face my responsibilities.


Btw, when my oldest finished the HP series, I let him stay up all night to read, sleep late into the next morning, scrapped school work for the day, and called it good. For his character, it was. For social skills, it was. For life skills, it was. Years later, I still don't regret that, and I suspect it'll be one of his fondest memories of homeschooling. 




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When the last Harry Potter book came out, I reread all the others, timing them to finish shortly before the release date of #7.  Then we drove 40 miles to an independent bookstore with a release party and pre-purchased a book.  Carrying the receipt around for two hours until midnight, I enjoyed browsing in the store, drinking coffee, and chatting with others, in and out of costume.  I even ran into some people I knew, which was surprising considering the distance from the store that I lived.  


At midnight the store opened the cartons and quickly handed out books to everyone who had a receipt, hundreds of people by then.


We dashed to the car, where the windows were rolled up and the radio was banned.  People walking on the streets were yelling out things that purported to be spoilers, and we didn't want to hear them.


Back home I read until 3:30 am, slept for a while, got up, unplugged the phone and the internet, banned TV, and finished the book by around 2PM.  DD was not ready to start it yet--she had done the same thing as I had but was only up to book 5.  So there was no need for more than one household copy of book 7.


I will never forget this, and I imagine that my DD won't either.


All this to say, first reads of books that really capture you are memorable and special, and your son will remember this (as will you) as momentous if you let him continue.  I think you should.  Also, basically this is what we homeschool FOR--so that kids can tackle fairly complicated books on their own, so that they want to do so, and so that we can give them the flexibility for that.  

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