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I need a grammar curriculum

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Quick background. My dad was in the military.  I attended 10 schools in 13 years and got a very poor grammar education.  However, I am a very dedicated reader and love classic literature so I am a good writer.  (please do not judge anything by this post)  


I wanted to provide my children with a better grammar education than I received.  However prepositional phrases brought us all to tears with both my daughters.  I finally gave up and they read a lot and they are decent writers.  However, both girls use way too many commas and have trouble with quotes and routinely fail the capitalization/punctuation section of standardized tests.


I decided to try again with my son.  However, I really didn't think that I needed or wanted formal grammar with diagramming. I decided that I wanted him to be a better editor of his own work and learn grammar that way.  This last year we have used the first year of IEW's fix-it grammar.  I was pretty pleased until last week.  We are at week 28 out of 32 and are really getting into commas and the problem is that there is no instruction.  I am supposed to know how to use commas and teach my son and I don't have much of a clue.  Normally I can look at the very brief explanation of the answer and figure it out and blunder my way through but this week there was one sentence that I just couldn't figure out.


So I am looking for a different grammar program.  I guess that I want something that is self-teaching so that I can learn along with him.  I don't think that I want diagramming but if the program is great and includes it I guess we would survive.  I don't need for him to know every esoteric rule but would like it  if he can use commas properly, punctuate quotes properly and understand clauses and phrases and all that stuff.


He will be in 9th grade next year so singing cute memory verses is probably out but I am not opposed to below grade level work that though easy will teach him what he needs to know. What do you recommend?



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I think Easy Grammar does a great job teaching prepositional phrases.  I use EG as a supplement to other programs not as a primary.  Winston Grammar is very good and easy to use.  WG using cards to build sentences.  Even if you don't use WG as a complete program, the cards are very helpful. 

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I used Winston Grammar with my girls.  It was moderately successful, but didn't teach punctuation at all.  I think that Analytical Grammar seems to be the clear winner though I will look at Easy Grammar (plus) and Hake just to see what they offer.


Thanks for all the suggestions.

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