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  1. I haven't run a team, but I did host a club one year. That was a fun way for the kids to try the math (via worksheets not live competitions) without committing to full participation. A club might be a good way for you to get your feet wet and it's free. Good luck!

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    These are all in good or very good condition unless otherwise noted. All prices include shipping. Please email me at spetzi2000@yahoo.com ***ADDED**** Writing With Ease Workbook Level 1 No Student Pages wk 1- 23 $10 First Language Lessons IG Level 2 $10 First Language Lessons IG Level 3 $15 Writing Strands Level 3 (ages 8-12) $10 English for the Thoughtful Child Vol 1 $9 English for the Thoughtful Child Vol 2 $9 **$15 for the set*** SOTW Activity Book Two: The Middle Ages (Some student pages removed for copying, but all student pages are included) $12 SOTW Activity Book Three: Early Modern Times $15 SOLD Who Is God And Can I Really Know Him? Vol 1 Text and (unused) coloring book $20 Leading Little Ones to God $8 History Pockets--Ancient Civilizations (gr 1-3) $9 Evan-Moor Scienceworks for Kids: Energy (gr 1-3) $7 Brain Quest Workbook Grade 2 (15 out of 300 written in) $5 The Children's Book of America by William J. Bennett $4 Beautiful Feet Early American History Guide Intermediate $9 American Adventures: True Stories from America's Past 1770-1870 $6 American Girl HC Books $45/bunch, $10 each Welcome to Felicity's World Welcome to Josefina's World 1824 Welcome to Kristen's World 1854 Welcome to Addy's World 1864 Welcome to Samantha's World 1904 Welcome to Molly's World 1944 Learning Language Arts Through Literature--Red T & Readers in VG cond; (Includes free student pages w/water damage in binder lessons 1-3 completed) $32 Times Tales Deluxe w/Instruction Manual $15 SOLD Apologia-Exploring Creation with Astronomy $16 SOLD Apologia-Exploring Creation with Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day $16 SOLD Draw Write Now books 3 & 4 $15/set Nebel's Elementary Education $7 Greenleaf Guide to Ancient Egypt $6 Greeleaf Guide Famous Men of Rome $6 Greenleaf Guide to Famous Men of Greece $6 Voyages in English Student HC 25 Sonlight Core 3 Lanuage Arts for Advanced Readers, © 2004 $10 has all new student pages, some writing on schedule *Fair Condition* Learning Language Arts Through Literature--Yellow TM $7 Thanks for looking! spetzi2000@yahoo.com Spetzi


  3. I don't think you need another recommendation for it, but Analytical Grammar. :laugh:
  4. I bought it years ago and my 8 yr old is watching them now. I paid more than $5 and it was a great investment. Enjoy!
  5. I am right there with you! Unfortunately, I do not have the answer. After MUCH thought we decided to go with Apologia Chem next year for my 7th grader. While there are religious elements, I have not found them to get in the way of the science (we are Christian). It seems to cover a lot and I loved the ease of experiments that seem meaningful and relate to the topics. I choose this over a 'regular' textbook because my daughter and I enjoyed the conversational tone. Apologia also has a pretty cool looking bio program since you might want to head that direction. I had dismissed Apolo
  6. There is a lot of chatter here for the younger guys and even the older ones, but I'd love to hear what worked for your upper el to middle school kiddos. What has worked for us (different kids): Character Quality Language Arts Analytical Grammar Supercharged Science (DVDs only) Sonlight
  7. I have only used it for elementary so I can only answer from that perspective. The supplies were easy to gather. I do much, much, much better if I gather almost everything in a box at the beginning of the year, except for things that I have in the house all of the time (eg., salt, baking soda). My child read off of the computer screen. I only printed the activity sheets and some of the labs. Most we just read off the screen. I prefer a printed book, but I'm adjusting! I did just plan a year for my rising 4th grader adding in other books to support Mr. Q. That's not because it's not
  8. The beauty of Khan is that if you don't know it yet, you can go through the exercises and videos to learn it. My daughter used Fred pre-alg before Khan.
  9. My daughter just got an Asus Transformer and loves it! It has a mini-USB port and came loaded with MS Office (full versions), flash. It can be a tablet or you can dock it to type. She is 'medium' sized and likes the size of the keyboard. I'm sure my "extra large" husband would prefer a full size. It was $375 on Amazon.
  10. I had some tough days when my kids were K/3/6 so I am familiar with your concerns! I have some suggestions that might work for you, but patient direction is your best defense against chaos. I don't like schedules, but I planned my day to spend time with each one, working especially on the subjects that s/he needed the most instruction. The two older ones began their day before the younger. I also started using some Khan Academy and other online sites/games/etc. to help them learn without needing ME. At some points I've given each child a checklist so s/he knew what to do next. (I never
  11. I've hated most "curricula" we've used for science, too, but I haven't let go and *just let them read nf books about science (although one of my kids does that every day.) Science Fusion was a big dud. While the books are fine, the website needs work...a lot of work! It would not save the schedule I assigned the kids. It isn't set up so that you can look at the student pages, labs and teacher's items all at once. You have to exit one, go back 3 screens, then go into another. Each step is about 6 clicks and waiting for pages to load (I have a fast internet connection so it wasn't tha
  12. We were debating about using just the book or the book and CD. I knew that if I bought them separately it could cost me an extra $10 (at the time), but if ds didn't need/wasn't going to use the CD I'd save even more so I risked it, The book is very thorough so he didn't need the CD and I ended up saving so you might want to try that route.
  13. Staples (in NJ) has school glue (not sticks, like Elmer's) for $.01 as well as pocket folders and a pencil case. I can't complain about anything for $.01! I, too, have the problem that many things I like to use (like vinyl folders and heavy duty notebooks) rarely go on sale.
  14. Our fees are around there for a family (2+ kids). Nearly all of it goes to rent the space. We have 50 families so about 150 or so kids participating. If only we could have the space for free, but there are too many of us. In our co-op, no one is making any money! I think you should start a small co-op in a donated space. I was part of one that was $25/year and it was great. There is no reason you can't get a church, library or community center to give you a room once/week. Best of luck!
  15. I bought a rug from Costco to put under after I got tired of the big plastic thing.
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