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  1. This. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a 17/18 year old kid not having a clue what he wants to major in. That's perfectly normal.
  2. I wear a fitness tracking watch. My heart rate spiked after I read it. Seriously. 😳 Eventually I will attempt to participate intelligently in this conversation. But apparently now is not that time. 😳 (But please know that I feel you, sisters. Big hugs.)
  3. I love this so much. I cannot put into words how happy knowing this makes me. ❤️
  4. Someone needs to tell Mother Nature. I vote that we bring by global warming. This "climate change" carp stinks.
  5. Could you pre-select a number of questions, have her skip those, and then use those for "test" questions? Absent that, there are tests for at least one of the AoPS books floating around this site somewhere. I'll check my old files and see if I have them, too. On the other hand, I will say that I had your same concerns when we started AoPS 'lo those many moons ago. We never had any retention problems and wound up never implementing tests. Obviously, your mileage may vary. 🙂
  6. No advice, but BIG HUGS, mirabillis. I don't know about you, but I am finding this to be an incredibly stressful experience. I am 50 years old, but sometimes I feel like I'm acting like an insecure 12-year-old. ((mirabillis))
  7. I agree with the Physical Science recommendation. Derek Owens' class is fabulous if you want to start a gentle introduction to outsourcing. I have the Novare book (I came down to these same two choices.) If you decide to go that way, PM me and I'll send the book.
  8. Well, come on now. They do have a point. Were you an EDUCATED consumer, you'd be asking for essential oils. Duh.
  9. Word. I have issues with our vaccine schedule and the reluctance of some physicians to tailor the schedule to the needs of the individual child (or even to investigate whether individual needs exist and/or what they are.) Now, however, if one wishes to discuss vaccines AT ALL, one is treated like a flat earth, tin foil wearing, maniacal, conspiracy theorist weirdo. Grr.
  10. Ditto. When asked for homeschooling advice, my only response is, "Well-Trained Mind Forums." Seriously, what else would you need? And why wouldn't you???
  11. Me, three. So I texted her. she says all is well and that she will try to check in soon. 🤞
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