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  1. Dude. We'll call it creative writing and make a class out of it.
  2. White sand, cool water, and, best of all, NO SHARKS. Yep, definitely Beach.
  3. Or you could live here. No inlaws, no rattlesnakes. Win, win. 🙂
  4. In other news: Why I do not live in Texas (or anywhere else in the South)...
  5. It says "right of possession. " That would give me pause. Not to mention its location in Panama, a country not known for long term stability.
  6. <<Krissi>> You simply watched because you're a kind and decent human being. Your automatic assumption is that others are, too, so you just watched. What you are lacking is cynicism, and that's not a bad thing.
  7. Goat butts are very welcome here. This is a place where poopaerobics is a recognized fitness activity. I❤️this place.
  8. I thank you all for being my last, slender link to sanity. ❤️
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