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  1. On the Russian thing: First off, SPEND NO MONEY YET. I have been told consistently by people I respect that Russian is a hard language to learn. We are fortunate in that it appears that my short person has an ear for it (As opposed to Latin, which, given the option to drop after the mandatory four years of high school study, the short person dropped like a hot rock.) Therefore, I would spend NO MONEY until there was a more deeply demonstrated interest. (Granted, this is not what I did, but I think I dodged a bullet. Also, remember that I was working back then and we are also the recipients of generous grant funding.) Russian is a bit hard to find, so it can be challenging and pricey. There are free programs available online, sponsored by the Russian tourism board, or something. Also, Mango languages, if it's free through your library. I have links bookmarked somewhere. I have been stupid busy doing stupid things, but keep harassing me to find them for you. I am pretty sure that you could set up a one or two semester trial period to figure out if your short person is committed. After that, I would try to find a class with a qualified teacher. Languages must be spoken and shared to be learned. There is no self-study program that can replicate the human interaction needed to really absorb the new language. We used a class our first year with a teacher whom I would NOT recommend (and no longer with that school), but have been with Julia Denne ever since. She is malto fabuloso. My two cents. That and five bucks'll get you a cup of coffee. 🙂
  2. I'm so proud. Cabbage is yummy. Just fry it with bacon and onions, if you want something easy. Add cooked egg noodles for a cheap, Depression-era meal. (Cottage cheese mixed in will add extra protein for growing short people.) Bubble and Squeak is really just a version of fried cabbage. Basically fry the cabbage with some boiled, sliced potatoes. With butter. Lots of butter. Or bacon fat. Or both. 🙂 Cool. When he/she is done, please send him/her here. 🙂 Yes. We need a clubhouse and a secret handshake.
  3. I don't have a whole lot of information on UM as we went there several years ago, when DD was a bit young. The campus is not overwhelmingly large, seems to be well-laid out, and there seem to be a lot of on-campus activities. Missoula is a fairly small town, and there's not much else around. The downtown is kinda artsy-fartsy, and there are so.many.bars. There is a great independent bookstore, though, called Fact or Fiction. The Clark Fork river runs through town, and the park and greenbelt are lovely. Outdoor activities are abundant. It's on the east side of the Continental Divide, so winters can be cold and windy. UI is in Moscow, Idaho, a very nice small town. It also has a nice independent bookstore. 🙂 The campus is fairly small, but navigating the hills in the winter can be a bit of a challenge (they do a very good job of clearing.) The students seem very friendly, but it does lean a bit toward the party school end of the spectrum. Greek life is active, but not something my daughter is much interested in, so I don't have much more to offer. The Honors College seems to be very supportive and active; my daughter really liked the vibe. We were not very impressed with the academics. My daughter wants to major in math, so she sat in on a Number Theory class. Many of the students were clearly disinterested, bordering on disrespectful. It left a bad taste in my child's mouth. We're in-state, so this is our "well, if we have to" fall-back (She should qualify for full ride +.) The son of a friend is an engineering student there (as were his father and older brother), however, and he loves it. I think engineering is a much better supported department than is mathematics. 😉 Personally, I really like the area and the faculty. WSU was a big surprise to us. We just kinda threw it in while we were touring our state flagship, but we were both very impressed. The campus is QUITE large and very pretty, but OY those hills in the winter! The students were very friendly and engaged, quite obviously so. Pullman is just on across the border from Moscow, is also fairly small (bigger than Moscow, though), but no where near as charming. Lots of outdoor activities on the Palouse, though. The Honors College seems to be more academic and not as social as UI, but solid. The vibe of this school is just really positive, though. Had they not eliminated their Russian language program, it would be at the top of our list. If you're in-state, I think it would be worth a serious look. Let me know if you have any specific questions. I'm kind of late night (for me) stream of consciousness typing. 🙂
  4. Are you looking for program-specific information or campus information? We've been to University of Idaho and University of Montana; I may be able to provide general information. You might want to add Washington State University to your list, as well.
  5. That's here, too. Even if there's only one little thing to be done, it'll get dragged out for the entire day. I kept hoping that I would teach my child organizational skills during her years at home. Nope. I 'spect imma throw her to the wolves next year in the sink or swim world of college. 😳 👍 (Totally random, not-at-all-related question: Do you think ammunition is one of those things that the post office wants you to declare when they give you their little pre-posting spiel? And what are the consequences should one...forget something? Asking for a friend.) Although, I suspect someone who rolled his eyes at me for daring to inhabit space in MY HOUSE would get to drop and give me fifty.
  6. What is this "school" thing y'all are talking about? 🙈🙉🙊 It was 46 when I got up. Expected high today will be 81. When should I expect everyone? Spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. Low carb noodles available for other sufferers, errr, dieters.
  7. Critter, your boys are NOT going to be in 10th grade. No.Freaking.Way. How did THAT happen??? 😳
  8. I believe that the first lesson was, "In principio erat Verbum." So, yes. But I don't recall it being aggressively denominational. 🙂 Edited: Because I cannot Latin.
  9. Help. I started a thread on the high school board because my head is going to explode. Please respond, if for no other reason than to hopefully stimulate many others to chime in. Helphelphelp. I am in danger of a major rules violation.
  10. I've been tearing my hair out and going back and forth on how to record DD's Great Books courses on her transcript. She has done Roman Roads Media's Old Western Culture Great Books 1, 2, and 3, with 4 scheduled this year. I consider the class worthy of two credits, history and literature. I round out history with additional reading/viewing and English with 2-3 Bravewriter writing classes per year. My options: 1) Call it "Great Books 1, 2, 3..." for 2 credits and include the supplemental material in the course description 2) List English 1, 2, 3.. and History Time Period 1, 2, 3... as separate 1 unit classes, including the GB description and supplemental classes/material in the course descriptions. This is causing me a ridiculous amount of stress and angst. I NEED to get DD's transcript DONE. She wants to have some applications submitted by the end of the month. She's getting HER part done, and it's me causing a hold-up. HELP!
  11. We hated Getting Started With Latin. Found it boring and unfelpful. Didn't even sell it; just donated it to a thrift store. Perhaps we are weird.
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