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  1. I'm sorry, 8. I thought this was your high school student. 😞
  2. FWIW, mine was rejected by the language program she applied to. We've been focusing on the opportunity she'll have to study abroad in college. It's not the same, but it WILL be an amazing opportunity which will bless and enrich her. But the cancellation still stinks. ☹️
  3. It doesn't apply to homeschoolers. In fact, ISU purports to require homeschoolers to take both the SAT and the ACT. 🤨
  4. I'm so sorry for your daughter, 8. ☹️
  5. ❤️ If I tell my child this, I am afraid that she will be sad for not having applied there.
  6. Maize, I would not enroll in an outside class JUST for the recs. Your student is very involved in extracurriculars; I would think that those leaders would be well qualified to speak to your student's maturity, integrity, and independence.
  7. Susan, is it possible that you have, through all of your hard work and suffering, managed to perk up your metabolism?!? 😃🤞
  8. Krissi, if you're reading this, STOP AND GET TO THE ALLERGIST!
  9. Ducky: Remember that duct tape is a critical accessory.
  10. I really like the randomness of this. Should I start explaining duct tape, flamethrowers, and bazookas? But, but, but...you're the MOM.😧 Hey, thanks a lot, Toto. Here I thought I'd found the perfect answer for everything, and now you go all sciency and facty on me. Homeschool moms. Hmph.
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