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  1. The bolded is the part that is MAKING ME INSANE. There are a number of instructors who are flat-out incompetent, lazy pieces of doo-doo. And that's bad, but what is worse is that it is tolerated, is ignored, and is allowed to continue (this carp precedes Covid.) It's not like it's hard to figure out where the problems lie and to investigate, either-everything's on Canvas. I have no idea what certain department heads are doing to earn their bloated salaries. In fact, I suspect that many people on the payroll are simply banking the money and doing NOTHING. Basically, UAH is very much a publicly funded bureaucracy with too many employees who lack anything approaching work ethic🤬.) And it's not a question of a good student suddenly getting bad grades, either (which is often suggested in a Facebook page for UAH parents.) My DD is doing very, very well using grades as a measure. But she knows darn right and well when a class has totally sucked and the grade in no way reflects the experience. 🤬 On the upside, though, there are indeed lovely Hive kids and meeting them has been a blessing for my DD, too.❤️
  2. The bolded part seems to be rather universal, unfortunately.
  3. Shoot me a PM if you want specifics. 😊
  4. Quoting myself to say that these are *MY* concerns, as a cranky Type A middle-aged woman who views academia rather skeptically. Just to frame things.
  5. Hi, Roadrunner! Your DS is a junior or a senior this year, no? How are things? I have many thoughts about UAH. What, specifically, is the kind of information that you are looking for? Overall, I believe that it was our best option, especially in these circumstances (covid and everything shut down and online.) Depending upon what one is looking for and what one's options are, I would probably have some concerns. Also, we are only at the end of Semester One in a very weird time, so some of my "concern" could probably more likely be labeled "caution." If I had to give a summary, I would say it appears to be a decently good honors college at a decently good state school. It has been *very* impersonal, and I get the impression that the work ethic of the administration and a significant segment of the teaching staff is...lacking.
  6. Ah, good information. I just remembered that they had excellent merit aid; I did not recall the specifics.
  7. Isaac looks like John and Alex, kinda mixed together. ❤️ I'm sorry about the Lupus dx. Lupus sucks. (It is something I fear. When diagnosing my autoimmune pregnancy issues, the immunologist described me as "basically, sub-clinical lupus." I don't ever want to achieve clinical-ness.) 🤗 I hope that the Covid vax opens up your economy. Poor Matt. 😞 Hug the babies for me.
  8. Short person is happy independent person. She LOVES college, has made lots of friends, and can't wait to go back. She currently has custody of my vehicle and is shopping in the Big City with her bestie (from here.) Which may be why I am surfing the Forums for the first time in forever.🤨 How is the tribe?
  9. Hello, everyone. I realized that I haven't been here in forever, and I thought that I would say "hi." Last winter, in the thick of college applications, my mom became seriously ill, so I really didn't have much time for forum posting and I guess I lost the habit. To update everyone, my daughter is now a freshman at UAH (but home now for Christmas-YAY!). She had a number of good choices, but we ultimately went with low cost. She is RIDICULOUSLY happy at school, and for that I am grateful. My opinion on UAH is mixed, but it's definitely worth what I'm paying. If anyone has any questions about it, feel free to ask. 🙂
  10. I have been gone for a while, but my DD is a freshman at UAH, should anyone have questions. As for the OP, you might want to check out UT Dallas. It was my daughter's favorite, but it got crossed off the list because it does not offer Russian language instruction.
  11. Wow. Many pages have passed since last I was here.😳
  12. I'm sorry, 8. I thought this was your high school student. 😞
  13. FWIW, mine was rejected by the language program she applied to. We've been focusing on the opportunity she'll have to study abroad in college. It's not the same, but it WILL be an amazing opportunity which will bless and enrich her. But the cancellation still stinks. ☹️
  14. It doesn't apply to homeschoolers. In fact, ISU purports to require homeschoolers to take both the SAT and the ACT. 🤨
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