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  1. Jo: at that age, the ending may have gone over his head. 😛
  2. Jo yet again: he liked Cat’s Cradle? Do you know how it ends??? Because it’s the epitome of depressing. (Would explain but I’m not sure how to mark spoilers.)
  3. Jo again: okay, so if he liked Lord of the Flies, Martian Chronicles won’t be a problem. Speaking as someone who read Titus Andronicus before bed in fourth grade without issues, Lord of the Flies is dark. Okay, yeah, you want Beggars in Spain. You basically just listed its central themes.
  4. Jo on my mom’s phone (I don’t talk fast, by the way, she hears slow): Martian Chronicles isn’t that bad. There are a few short stories I might skip if he’s really sensitive, but you could easily skip them without being confused. Also, maybe I, Robot? I’m not entirely sure how a book could be social commentary without also touching on the human condition, though, so I’m not sure what exactly you’re looking for. Hope this helps!
  5. I edited my above. If Book Thief is too dark, Jo says beware Ender's Game and Lord of the Flies. We also came up with The Giver. Lord of the Flies is the very definition of depressing and human condition-y
  6. Maybe The Book Thief? ETA: The ending is sad and it's a bit human condition-y, but I think it might work. (I asked Jo. "Humor? Maybe Vonnegut, except you laugh to fill the void that erupts within your soul." Then she said maybe Cat's Cradle or Animal Farm. She says they're readable. Maybe novella of Beggars in Spain, by Nancy Kress. Maybe Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451 or his short stories ["basically, he's dystopian but it ends on a hopeful note."] The short stories aren't all social commentary. [Oh, my she talks fast] BUt not The Martian Chronicles-gets very dark [she's really into dark])
  7. The FIRE was founded and is run by actual lawyers who actually know what is and is not free speech. Incidentally, they are also politically liberal (very, very.) They have an incredibly successful record of challenging unconstitutional policies. Their system evaluates policies, however, not politics, so I don't know that it will help the OP.
  8. Yes, of course. And we should read other's words carefully, too. Because here are the words actually used, in context: "I like the finish system where they track kids for either academic or trades and professions so no one who is not serious stays in academic school past 9th grade. And those serious about learning a trade or profession can do that too. And those just wasting everyone time can go waste their time at home." "The rest are quite literally in jail. A place they have to go to 40 hours per week and show up whether they learn or not, which feeds them and tests them like cattle and shuffled them from place to place whether they want to learn or thrive or grow or not." It seems pretty clear to me that the poster is NOT talking about a student with challenges who is working hard at learning. It seems pretty clear to me that she is referring to kids who are NOT trying and taking up resources that would be put to better use helping a student like yours. I agree that "discussing alternate paths to graduation and employment training is valuable." It's very hard to have that conversation, however, when people choose to seek out insult, make everything personal, and insist that the focus be on feelings.
  9. I think this is going to vary ENORMOUSLY depending upon where you live (if you are talking about face-to-face tutoring.) The prices that people toss around here would cause most people I know IRL to go into heart failure.
  10. No. Some of us have submitted our lives to the eternal time suck of college applications.🤨
  11. I almost replied to the OP. When one rarely pops into the boards, one can lose track of how threads are really meandering conversations. OOPS! 😄
  12. Honestly, Ruth, I've never doubted you. You said she is a smart kid, it is now a fairly teachable test, and you are a fabulous teacher. My continued well-wishes for you both. 🙂
  13. The Common Data Set for the school should also have the ranges. Edit: For example: Go to ASU's latest, click to open the pdf, and look at page 9.
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