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  1. Why, yes. Yes, he does. Which might come as a rude shock to a student who assumes that the intended audience is an admissions committee. Or so I would assume. 😐
  2. FWIW, my DD’s essay was 432 words, a bit...unconventional, and she was accepted.
  3. That's certainly possible, but it also appears to be the rising business model for many medical practices (including veterinary practices.)
  4. ((critter)) Just remember: At some point your agent needs to meet your Elephant Ninja friends. We will be happy to explain things. 🙂
  5. I'd be finding a new dentist. Old Guy approach was to view you as a patient. New Guy approach is to view you as a store customer. Absolutely unacceptable to me.
  6. I think I caught Spud's pregnancy hormones. Dancing horse = Bretina = Farewell video = tears 😭 I can't stop watching. 😭 I'm going to be very late.
  7. That was NOT horse dancing. Best horse dancing combo of all time was Brentina and Debbie McDonald. It looks like the interwebs have scrubbed their freestyle to "Respect" -dadgumit -which was magical. Below is a freestyle to a Motown medley (snippet of Respect at 5:43) -their joy is palpable. Below that is a link to Brentina's retirement ceremony. Watch her react to "her" music. If you have time, look up their story. I'm gonna be late for church.
  8. No elephant ninjas? No bazookas? That IS a weird dream. Huh.
  9. ACK! Sorry! Running around a campus all day. Start veging in front of Food Network😳
  10. Dude. I go out of TOWN and y’all start trying to take away my lil campers? Not cool, peeps. <<insert tappy toe dude here>> Umm, Susan...after all those kids, I would have thought that you had figured that out.😳
  11. Kroeger also owns Fred Meyer, another regional brand.
  12. I must end our school day with a 4-hour drive. Assuming going the speed limit. On a winding, two-lane highway. Which I will not do at night. Well, not during the day either. Because our neighbors to the east are nuts. (Their highway speed limit is 10 mph higher than ours. And I don't even drive OUR speed limit at night. Because of obstacles [aka, "deer," "moose," and/or "elk." or possibly "big-horned sheep" on this particular roadway].) And it's supposed to get down into the single digits. You know, where de-icer freezes. Wah.
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