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Eating out of nervousness?

Jean in Newcastle

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I do this all the time. Which, as you can imagine, hasn't been so great for my hips, given the OCD. I try to keep healthy stuff around for when this happens. Also, I bite my nails. Way less calories than the bag of chips I can see laying on the kitchen table. ;)

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Yes, I have been doing it all my life, except I didn't know it, and when I was young I was

thin thin thin. In college I could eat a big bag of chips with onion dip every Friday afternoon

and still was thin. I remember

eating a whole pint of Ben & Jerry's in college after a hard week with a lot of homework and not

being fat one bit.

I was 5 ' 4 " and 128 lb when we got pregnant with DS, and I was a healthy weight after DS was 1

year old. So I just kept eating whatever I wanted in any amount.


I only started gaining weight after DS started weaning and walking,

when DS was about 1 1/2. I wasn't eating any more than I had my whole life, but my metabolism had changed.

I didn't even know I was overeating, but my weight just kept going up and up. When I hit

212 lb two years ago I knew it was time to do something. I realized I eat when I am nervous.

I cut way down on extra calories, junk food etc. I went down to 190 lb. That is what I am now.

(So, 22 lb down, 60 more lb to go. )


The biggest realization was that I eat when I am nervous. In addition to not consuming so

much food, I have started chewing gum, which I always considered a filthy habit before. But I am

willing to trade overeating, which is not a very nice habit either, for chewing gum. I found that

when I think I am starving (but actually just nervous), and I chew gum, I am not hungry at all

any more. I just need to be chewing something. On the weeks I run out of gum, I (think I) am

starving all the time. But it's just nervousness.

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