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Gall bladder removal--would you go back for the follow-up appointment?


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I had my GB removed a little less than a month ago. It was routine, laparascopic, no complications. I had one small incision and three tiny incisions. Two weeks later, on the day of my follow-up visit, I came down with the flu and couldn't go. Then everyone else in the house got the flu, and then the Christmas craziness started, and I never got to go back. In the meantime, my incisions are all healed, all the surgical tape has come off, I have no pain, no digestive issues as long as I eat a bedtime snack and a small breakfast as soon as I get up, no heartburn anymore—no side effects at all, it seems.


So, given all that, would you even bother driving the 35-40 minutes and paying another $35 for the follow-up check?

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Thanks everyone. While I feel like Reya does about it, I've been wrong often enough in the last few years to feel uncomfortable not going back (and yes, DH will nag me about it). I also discovered today that what I thought was a bit of scab material poking from one end of an incision was actually the end of a stitch from what must be internal stitches :scared: No one mentioned that to me; they said I had no stitches, just tape :glare: I guess they meant where I could see them?


So yeah, I think I'll go back for the recheck just in case. I just hate spending the time, when I know it's going to go exactly like Reya said *sigh*


Thanks for your thoughts!

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