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6 days until we get our son

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Congratulations!! Did you go through RR? I love that ministry!


He's a handsome guy! I'm so happy for you!! Children with DS bring so much light and life to a family. :)


We hope to adopt through RR eventually, too.


RR is where we found him! You have to go through an agency as they aren't an adoption agency, but they have been so, so helpful to use!!! Let me know if you ever have any questions about RR!

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Our oldest son has down syndrome, we hope one day to adopt a little girl with down syndrome.


Congrats and welcome to the family!!!:001_smile:


go here and prepare to fall in love http://reecesrainbow.org/category/waitingchildren/girls-down-syndrome-0-2


I'm also an adoptive mom, and I know the total no-adequate-words-to-describe-it joy you are feeling....YOUR WAIT IS ALMOST OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So thrilled for you...enjoy every surreal and amazing moment of meeting your beautiful son!!

that is exactly it!!!! Soooo excited!



but moreso for Eli!! He is a lucky little guy getting such an awesome family!!


thank you so much!!! We are so lucky to have found him!


I feel silly for not checking your sig. He's 5. It's a weird morning for me. My oldest cousin adopted their oldest two after trying to conceive without luck then ended up having two more.



lol, no biggie and thank you!!!

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