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  1. UPDATE: I did text DIL and ask if I offended her in any way. She replied back absolutely not and that she spaced out asking me to the rehearsal and dinner....I am going to accept that. The wedding did go off just fine and it was beautiful. I will not be a meddling MIL and I will just leave the explanation at that.
  2. Thanks everyone. I was not told when/where to show up to the rehearsal and yes, there was one according to facebook. I know the groom's parents pay for it and I was willing to do that...had I been involved. The only thing I know about what to do at the wedding is I am being escorted in with her 2 moms. My son's dad is not in the picture (teen single mom). I will joyfully go to the wedding and sweep it under the carpet, so to speak.
  3. Can't vent on FB so I will vent here and see what you ladies (and gents) think. My son is getting married tomorrow and I wasn't invited to the rehearsal dinner. I have no clue why. I get along with DIL2B well. I do not offer advice or meddle. I paid for the wedding venue and both the outfits for the flower girls (my granddaughters). I would have paid for the rehearsal dinner as well....had I been invited. I asked her about it once and got a "uhhhhhhhhhh, not sure on the day yet". I told her to please let me know when it was, if I was invited (I made sure I put that in there), so I can make sure I have the day off. Never heard another word about it. I asked my son when it was and he said "Brittney is taking care of all of that...I just have to show up." I am just sitting here, the night before the wedding with hurt feelers I guess. I will get over it but it just seems odd to be left out. What say the hive?
  4. I just requested to join the FB group so I can get the link to the varage sale. Thanks
  5. I am a student midwife right now but should be done in a year and a half. I am planning, making lists, etc now so I can start gathering up supplies a little here and there...while I still have a job! I would love to pick your brain to see what you use, what you bring, what you have patient's supply, etc. Thanks so much!
  6. I am in Montana. I got our form at the same office as the Department of Motor vehicles (Great Falls). I filled in names, address, DOB and year of schooling and left it with them. Easy peasy. Go to MT.gov and search homeschool. You might find the form you need for your county. Let me know if I can help with anything. If you are moving to GF look me up!
  7. We are using ABeka for math for 3rd grade this year. I thought about switching to Teaching Textbooks for 4th but had to buy the 5th grade book to get out of what she is learning already. Even then, the beginning of the book was what she was doing in 3rd grade ABeka. I sold it already but its an idea.
  8. I am amazed that your doctor would even discuss c/s with someone having their 6th baby (if all the others were not c/s)! U/S can be off by 2 pounds and someone already said a "big" baby is not an ACOG reason to induce or do a C/S unless a baby is suspected to be over 11 pounds. They actually say that inducing can be harmful because baby can't get in the right position before contractions get too strong. I would kindly tell my doctor that I will NOT be having a C/S. Big babies do fit!!!
  9. I personally wouldn't make a big deal of it. Maybe the girl at school has a crush on DS and DD was trying to give her some cool information about him. Since she is a great letter writer, I would make her write a sincere letter of apology to DS. I had a baby when my sister was in 7th grade. My mom took pretty graphic pictures of the birth and my wonderful sister was very interested in birth and loved her new little nephew. YEP...she took the pictures to school! I was mortified that a bunch of little 7th graders saw my junk. That baby is 22 years old now and I am no longer mortified and have forgiven my sister. She didn't do it maliciously, she did it because she thought it was cool!
  10. My sister was a traditional surrogate for me for my 9yo DD (used her own egg). I can't be thankful enough!!!! You also have to be careful of the scammers! My ex and I had another traditional surrogate and she got pregnant with twins, was horrible from the first pregnancy test, threatened to abort if I didn't send more money, told me she miscarried and then ended up keeping them because she could get welfare money with all the children she had....longer story than that but that is the basics. I was heartbroken!
  11. Can you email us the worksheets. I think I am a long lost cousin so I would be family, right? Or, create a google doc and share the link??? I am interested in using them.
  12. Unfortunately, I see this every day! That is why I am going to grad school to become a Certified Nurse Midwife. I sent my final paperwork in after my patient that was progressing just fine in labor got a C-section because the provider was going on a trip the next day and hadn't packed yet! BLOOD BOILING!!!! I am sorry about your niece. I am glad she stands up for herself. Not many people do when faced with doctors in a hospital.
  13. Oh dear, where to start? I am an RN in L&D 32 hours a week. During seeding and harvest, I am a farmer's wife. I am in grad school full time and I am the ONLY cook and clean at our house. I am tired!
  14. 5 o'clock shadow has nothing on me! I have PCOS and hirsutism in the worst way. I have seen women with it worse but to me, mine is bad! I agree with the 15 times magnifying mirror and a good pair of tweezers. I wish I could afford laser. I had 5 laser treatments done about 8 years ago and it didn't work (now I know that the doc had an old p.o.s. laser) Our hospitals "Med-spa" has a new fandangled one but it is $$$$$. So tweezing it is! I also have a razor in every vehicle, in my locker....everywhere! Yuck!
  15. I had a Yukon XL and my sister has a Suburban...exactly the same down to the taillights! I loved mine except the gas mileage as well. When my sisters both moved away, I traded it in for a car since I didn't have nieces and nephews to haul.
  16. If I was that boys mother, I would want to be involved. I realize that not all parents will side with the teacher, but I would at least want to be aware of it. One of my biggest fear is my children being naughty at someone else's house.
  17. I have k-6 and a DD in 3rd...haven't planned anything out of the books....ever! Thankfully, I have bought them all cheap at the Goodwill.
  18. Look into the TrippTrapp Chairs. We have 2 of the knockoff versions called Happy Hippo. They are adjustable and hold a lot of weight.
  19. Our little girl (almost 4) fell into our lap. We weren't actively looking for adoption. Our birthmom worked on my floor at the hospital. She found out she was pregnant and was thinking of termination. I jokingly told her "You can give the baby to me." That got me kind of thinking about adoption and I asked DH if he had thought about it. He was 42 and said "If God wants us to have a baby, he will open that door." About a week later she asked if I was serious. I talked to hubby and he agreed that was the door that God was opening. We hurried and did our homestudy stuff. She was about 12 weeks along. I went to all the doc appts, and ultrasounds. I was in the C/S room when DD was born. We have an open adoption. I give BM pictures, we get kids together and play (she has a 5yo boy), birthdays, etc. I think it was less than 5K all together. DD is a great joy to us!
  20. The only thing that might be hard is the computer learning (at least it was for me because it required more focus). I went to nursing school the first time for my associates at age 19, finished at 23. I finished my bachelors at age 38 and now I am 39 and just started my masters. I can totally relate kids, work, etc. Good luck!
  21. I sent my block already. If she needs help sewing them together, I would be more than happy to do some. PM me if you want.
  22. Count me in. Please PM me with the address to send it. I will get mine done in the next 2 days. Thanks!
  23. My mother in law freezes her Ezekiel bread and only takes out a piece at a time.
  24. I had one and my midwife gave me a cocktail to take 30 minutes before my appointment. It was about 9 years ago but it was something like darvocet and valium. It cramped really bad but was over in about 30 seconds. Ask for premedication. A good doc won't say no.
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