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Can I make a lasagna today. . .

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and keep it unbaked in the fridge until Sunday afternoon?


I had plans to make 3 lasagnas this week, put two in the freezer and have one for dinner. Today is a good day to make them because we have minimal schoolwork, but we have a ton of leftovers in the fridge to use up for dinner tonight, and I was thinking it would be nice to have a lasagna ready to go into the oven after church on Sunday instead of having it tonight. It seems sort of pointless to freeze it only to re-thaw the day after tomorrow.


What sayeth the Hive?

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Hunh. That's a tough one.


Honestly, I'd freeze it. I get what you're saying about it seeming silly, but I like to be 'extra' safe with food, lol.


Well, on second thought...


Do you think the entire lasagna will be eaten on Sunday when you cook it? If so, then I'd keep it in the fridge and just cook it on Sunday. But if there were likely going to be leftovers after I cooked it on Sunday, then I'd freeze it today.


That's just my thinking, lol.

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Sorry. I've been craving lasagna for 2 months, but I can't have it because of the gestational diabetes. I already have my favorite Italian place on standby to have some ready for me after I have the baby. They even said they'd make me a tray and send it to the hospital, lol. Gotta love little mom and pop type restaurants!


Oh, and I think it would be fine to eat on Sunday. I agree with pp though, I would go ahead and bake it - they always taste better reheated as leftovers anyway!

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