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  1. Nope. I have family there and their 3 bed, 1.75 bath house is 350k+ and is 1300 square feet. That pretty much sums up why I will never move back to PDX.
  2. We are having a house built right now. Our options were 25% of total cost and we went as cheap as we possibly could. We have a lot of things we are going to do later. Our builder started building the wrong floor plan. That stalled the project 1.5 months as they tried to determine how to fix the mess they made. The home was vandalized and will have to be repaired and reinspected before they can proceed. Our estimate for completion was 7 months. It will be at least 10.5 months due to a combination of weather, vandalism, and plain stupidity. I would not do this from a distance.
  3. Your DH was there and he felt it appropriate to call you. I would have definitely picked him up. No question.
  4. Two years ago I was suffering so badly that I couldn't walk up a flight of stairs. I had to crawl up the stairs. I now exclusively wear Fit Flops and tennis shoes. Stretching with a towel helped me too although I found a towel too short and used a bed sheet instead. I used to stretch every morning for about five minutes before getting out of bed. I would stretch throughout the day as well. I'm symptom free at the moment and hope to stay that way!
  5. Paddleboarding at Lake Pleasant Wet N Wild Hiking at Thunderbird Conservation Park (but only in the very early morning during the summer) Musical Instrument Museum (really, it's a must if you haven't been there before) Arizona Science Center Rosson House (which is right next to Arizona Science Center and we really liked the tour) Butterfly Wonderland Odysea Wildlife World Zoo Ceretta Candy Factory Tour Taliesin West Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center McCormick Stillman Railroad Park (which is pretty little kid centric but they do have an indoor model railroad which is cool for everyone. They also have a summer concert series here) Desert Botanical Gardens Phoenix Art Museum (which has free hours) Arizona Museum of Natural History Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art Diamondbacks Game To the north: Smoki Museum and Sharlot Hall in Prescott. Also Watson Lake and Lynx Lake are nice. If you go to Sedona, continuing to Jerome is worthwhile. Jeep tours in Sedona are great too. Out of Africa in Camp Verde. Montezuma Castle National Monument is nearby too. To the South: Casa Grande Ruins National Monument
  6. Springfield! I loved it and wish I could go back. My kids were really young when we went.
  7. My activation kit came with multiple SIM cards. I bought the kit at Best Buy.
  8. Calling the health insurance company frustrates me so much. I hear you!
  9. Without going into too much detail, I could use some prayers/ good thoughts for my kiddo who is suffering from mental illness and for the sale of my house. I think I could handle one or the other but maintaining a perfectly spotless home while managing a mental health crisis is slowly killing me and it's not good for anyone.
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