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If you don't mind praying for lost doggies...

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Update: They found her!! And she is now home! Thank you everyone for your prayers!!! :party:


....would you please pray for Babes? It's my friend's new pound rescue dog and she got out when I went to their house and ran away this afternoon. She's chipped so if she's found she can get returned, but she's a small, older dog and I could see her getting hit. My friend has two girls ages 6 and 2 1/2 who are worried and sad.


Thank you.

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Thank you. The pound is closed so there is nothing they can do tonight, I think, except hope she finds her way back. They got her only last week so she's probably not going to. :( Her last owner died. My friends are being really nice about it, but I feel awful and responsible. I was leaving then then went back for something and that's wen the dog got out. I will post an update when I get one, but my friend's not expecting to find her tonight.


Thank you for the prayers.

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