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  1. The Great Courses has a Spanish course that is highly rated. Learning Spanish: How to Understand and Speak a New Language
  2. Good Morning, A possible option might be Documents of Freedom . We switched from Notgrass to Documents and DD is really enjoying it! Hope this helps, Dina
  3. You might search for CM style science, science for poets, or nontraditional science. Questhollow maybe??? Best wishes.
  4. Thank you for this resource. We are dropping Notgrass and using this instead!
  5. Good Morning ~ Here are two posts I made regarding Fascinating Science: Hope this helps :001_smile:
  6. This is what I would like to do; pair the videos with our curriculum. Is this still possible Mr. Suchocki ?
  7. Crunchy, I thought about you when I received this from Homeschool Buyers Co-op: Dina :001_smile:
  8. We use Rod and Staff and find it meets both of your requirements! Some complain it is boring, but we do much of it orally.
  9. :tongue_smilie::tongue_smilie::tongue_smilie: Me TOO!!!
  10. Hello!


    I was so excitied about seeing MCT items and didn't read far enough about PM. PLEASE contact me regarding any MTC items you have and there price.





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