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Update on leaving kids at home and traveling w/Dh.

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I mentioned on another thread that the company Dh works for is being bought, and he did not want to work for the people in charge of the new company.


I wanted him to take a job with a research group, which would provide job security and room for advancement although the work itself would be boring to Dh. As a consolation prize, I offered to travel internationally with him to the research groups quarterly meetings.


We found out this week, that the new company has laid off the people Dh did not want to work with. They are promoting him, and giving him his own department and his own staff and budget with the promise of another quick promotion if he takes the job.


They are still in negotiations about benefits, vacation, and healthcare for retirees, but dh is excited about the job, and the opportunity to help make the transition easy for everyone.


So even though he is not taking the other job, he is still a member of the research group, and needs to attend meetings. I'm going to accompany him to Barcelona in May.


My 17 year old's best friend is 37, and her daughter is my 13 year old's best friend. They are going to stay here when I am gone and hold down the farm.


I just thought I would update since it turned out to be a win all the way around.


Dh gets a job he is excited about. I get a chance to get away, and actually have an uninterrupted conversation with him, the kids get a week with their friends, and the friends get to earn a little spending money.


I wanted to thank everyone for the input. Your comments helped me think the situation out from all perspectives.

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