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Would this bother you?

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I have a book w/ black outline maps that I can copy for classroom use. I wanted to enlarge some maps for a project we are working on.


Here are my instructions, as best as I can remember them. (this was a week ago)


" I want it enlarged to at least 11x14, possibly 12x16. Somewhere in that range, but no smaller than 11x14. I don't want it poster size, but basically the size of those smaller posters (think the neon colored almost 1/2 poster sized ones). I don't need the title, or the states of Alaska and Hawaii, so those can be cut off if needed, and I don't care if part of those states are showing. It doesn't have to be neat and tidy. But I need it to be at least 11x14." I also used some hand gestures to show the size I wanted.


What I got was 8 pieces of 11x17 paper, with the actual map only slightly bigger than the original map in the book, which is a standard 8 1/2 x 11 page. The map itself is only about an inch bigger, so there is a ton of white space!


What I wanted was the map to take up most of that 11x14 space, to make it easier to draw and label on.

Would you be upset, and feel like the other person didn't listen to you, or am I the one that didn't accurately communicate my wishes?

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I understood what you wanted. Should you really have to say "I want the image of the map itself to cover 11x14" instead of just the map, as you said? No, I don't think so. If you paid for this, take it back and get it redone or ask for a refund. If it was free, don't ask that person to do any copying anymore because they don't understand what I'd consider fairly clear explanations.


Why would you want it just on a bigger piece of paper? You could do that yourself by copying it and then gluing the copy onto a piece of poster board!

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Thank you. I was worried that I wasn't making myself clear. I sent dh to Office Depot last week w/ those instructions, and didn't really look at them until today. So when he got home today I asked him if he misunderstood, or if the store didn't understand. He said he understood, but he was in a hurry that night, and the girl told him that was as big as she could get it. He really hates any kind of confrontation, so isn't one to say "I'm not paying because you didn't do what I asked." He only paid 18 cents per copy. He cut out the map, leaving off the extra and is taking that to a different store to get them to do it right. I just wish I had paid more attention when he brought them home last week.

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