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Favorite FUN Educational Games for Pre-k thru 2nd


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What are your favorite fun educational games for this age? I'm not talking about curriculum, but regular games that also happen to teach something.


Really, for the youngest any game that uses a die teaches number recognition, two dice teaching addition, anything with a board helps with one-to-one correspondence.


So tell me you and your kid's favorites!


We've been enjoying:


Sorry (not very educational, but a little strategy, adding when you pick a 7, and one-to-one correspondence)


Math Dice, Jr. (LOVE this game as it encourages mental math)


Kings in the Corner with regular deck of cards (helps with recognition of counting up and down)


Blunders (I'm not in love with all the answers to the cards, but that just opens conversation. It teaches addition when using two dice and manners/social skills.)


What are you enjoying playing right now?

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Chutes and Ladders Skill: Counting and how to get around a game board

Candy Land ( colors)

Hi Ho Cheerio ( counting)


For my older daughters,

Monopoly ( teaches money counting)


Scrabble Junior ( spelling and creating words ) great for ages 5 and up

Scrabble for my oldest ( spelling)

Scrambled States of America (geography)

Sequence States of America ( geography)

Clue ( logic)

Battle Ship ( math, learning corrdinates)

PDQ (ages 10 and up) teaches how to build vocabulary, reading between the lines



I also have a ton of file folder games that I had gotten for free off of File Folder Fun.com that I've made as well.

Those are all of the educational games we have right now but my girls love to play board games. We have some fun ones like Angry Birds, Uno , and a game called honey bees where you pull out sticks and try not to drop all the bees. Got to have some fun ones too :>)

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My DD's favorites:


Rat-a-Tat Cat (memory, number sequences)

The card game 99 (mental addition)

Phase Ten (not sure what it teaches, but it's a fun rummy-type game)

Labyrinth (spatial reasoning)

Carcassonne (spatial reasoning--kind of pre-chess)

Settlers of Catan (probability)


One of my favorite websites is boardgamegeek.com, and they always have fantastic lists by age.

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