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    We are a homeschool family with four girls ages 16,14,11 and 8 yrs old. We have about done it all, traditional homeschooling, cyberschooling and private school.

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  1. We decided to outsource math this year because I had such a tough time helping her with higher math. So we dual enrolled at the high school year( our school district allows it due to it having its own cyberschool). So we traditionally homeschool for history, science, and LA and she does her math and a health technology class at the high school. So she does a little bit of both. Anyways, she is retaking Algebra 1 at the high school and is getting it this time. Has a good teacher and she comes home happy and more confident in it now. Geometry , not so much. The teacher is very nice but not very good at teaching the concepts. She will lecture, give them some definition notes to write down, and then will send a worksheet home that is just very difficult. I will look in her notes, look at her book ( its Pearson so it doesn't explain much in the book for examples) , go online and just not find what we need. Of course she can get tutoring but the teacher only tutors at 7:35 in the morning and to get her out of the house at that time is next to impossible ( she's NEVER been a morning person). I'm looking to find a peer tutor but its hard to do in our town. Its hard to explain but if your NOT in the in crowd , you get ignored. So anyways, what in the world can we do? Can anyone suggest something that will help us get through it? Even if its online? We're only a few weeks into the school year and I already feel stressed out.
  2. Yes, I don't think you'll find one that both suits both Protestant and Catholic at the same time. Your only going to find one that suits one or the other. We are using Christ the King, Lord of History( Catholic, sold by Seton) and am finding it to be really good for 10th grade. I have heard good things about the Catholic Project Books ( from sea to shinning sea and so forth. They go from 4th to 8th grade now).
  3. Won't buy : Anything Old Earth Singapore ( we tried it and it just doesn't work for my family, totally detest it ) We didn't like Miquon ( to much trying to figure it all out) MUS Mammoth Math IEW ( tried it wanted it to work because I just can't teach writing but my girls HATED it) Shirley English ( way to darned expensive) Calvert (or anything boxed really though I don't mind using bits and pieces from curriculums) though we want nothing to do with anything Common Core anymore. We actually are rare and love to have religion in our school books. I mean, why as Christians would we not want to immerse our children into our faith? Honestly I'm a curriculum addict as well and there hasn't been much we haven't tried.
  4. What is wrong with CLE? I have used both their math and LA and its excellent. My daughters scored very high on standardized tests after using it. Granted I know they are from a Mennonite publisher so I won't use the History , which I would think would have a Mennonite slant.
  5. Yes, that is incomplete. Especially since the first 25 to 30 lessons of Saxon are review and the rest is new material. If anything you can at least breeze through the first 25 lessons , or not do them at all and start from there instead. I really don't recommend skipping though. Your best bet is to maybe pick even and odds and see how she does. But yeah, most of the new material starts after that and then again in the next level it quickly goes through that new material you learned back in the other level and so forth. Hope that makes sense.
  6. Thanks everyone for the ideas :) We checked out the Crash Course Chemistry and that helped her a bit tonight. Which was a good thing :) I'll check for the GPD , and, yes, I'm thinking its just how she is processing it. I don't seem to process Chemistry to well myself. LOL I will type out her table of contents later tonight when she's done with her homework :) Thanks everyone so much for the help. I know we'll get her through this. Tonight she was feeling a bit sad because she was like " My other classmates understand this." I think she got a little eager picking out what to do for science this year but she really is determined to get through it.
  7. Sorry about that. She is taking Algebra 1 this year and is very good with math. They haven't really hit to much into equations yet. When the teacher gives her homework to do for each chapter she does really well. She even gets the extra credit and her last was a 15/15. But when the test comes along it even confuses me. Sadly we aren't able to open up the test until the day of the test and once its opened, you can't close it and go back to it. This last test she missed 8 out of 25 questions. We scoured the book, and this time I even googled( I don't usually let me kids do it but we had to just see), and I sat and read over the questions to her and we both actally went through this test together. And we still missed 8. I did find a video on Youtube on Isotopes and my daughter said " Wow, if she would of just shown me that I would have understood" and that was about finding the protons and newtrons in the isotope. I felt the same way because I watched the lesson and she had us all confused and had we known all we had to do was subtract she would have gotten one of those questions right. What it is she gives just a brief overview of the chapter the read. Then they get one homework assignment but its really not anything she tests them on and there is no practice of any of the concepts when she teaches. I wish we had a homeschool co-op. I've been trying for the past three years to get something going in our area and no one is really interested. And my husband and I barely passed chemistry in high school which was like forever.
  8. This year we decided to give cyberschool a try since we were unable to afford to homeschool this year due to having to travel for my youngests health issues. Anyways, its definitely different than traditional homeschooling and is taking time for us to really adjust to. My 9th grader decided to go ahead and take Chemistry this year ( we did the Apologia Biology last year) and its proving to be pretty tough. This is definitely not a hands on course by anymeans. Its just all online , watch an experiment. The teacher has it set up , read the chapter, go over it quickly on the virtual class ( which is Monday, Wed , Fridays) and then test open book. Any assigments are about the stuff read in the chapter and my daughter does well with that part. This is the part she doesn't do to well in,, the tests. Its open book but a lot of the test is definitely NOT on information learned in the chapter, or it was just never covered by the teacher and she's left to figure it all out for the test. So its really to late to ask questions if she doesn't understand the stuff before the test. So with this said, I'm trying to find something, anything to help guide us a long a little. They do have online tutoring but she just needs to see what is going on, and she wants to know why, not to mention the teacher confuses her the 2nd time around even more than she was the first time around. I was looking at the Apologia DVD for Chemistry. Is this worth the price? It has the same topics that are in her book ( just in different order). Can anyone suggest anything else? I already know about Khan Academy but this DVD seems easier to navigate and has a lot of what we need too. Its tough because she is very hands on and this is not a hands on Chemistry course. Its just listen to the live teacher , and read the book, and no hands on experiments just watching some that the teacher puts on the class. I really would like to help her get through this. The tests are tough even I sat in and looked at it and thought I had the right answers only to find out I was wrong too. Sorry this is so scattered. Just need to find something to help her along.
  9. That number is more like 50-75% is finished in schools. With that said its a personal decision on whether you want to finish out a book or not., Just because Homeschool family #1 doesn't , doesn't mean you don't have to. Do what feels is right for you and your family. We finish out our subjects. I don't see a reason to follow what brick and mortar schools do and burn and churn through material. We take our time in the elementary grades. We do math through the summer and lots of reading too. Of course most boxed curriculum you will get the first at least 50 lessons are review of a previous grade, because they are made for brick and mortar schools and they know that the school most likely never covered the material at the end .. But if your using something like Sonlight , or any of the other Literature based programs, or have your own , then that's different and they don't follow that.
  10. Happy Birthday!

  11. If your using Horizon's 6 then why not the PreAlgebra for 7? They also came out with Algebra one in Sept too. We're using Horizon's 7 Pre Algebra and so far my daughter is enjoying it. And that's something said because she's so picky with math curriculum.
  12. Well my post isn't going to be as detailed as the endorsement above. My suggestion is: If what your using is working , then let it be. Or the old adage " if it ain't broke, don't fix it." There are differences though between the two and I've used Alpha Omega, Ace and Christian Light ( all workbook curriculums) It depends on what you want in a curriculum. Some families don't care for Ace because its a more of a fill in a blank type of curriculum. With that being said , some children actually learn really well that way. I went to an Ace school and I loved my Paces and learned really well from them. Ace's English and Word Building are excellent. Though if you plan on ever sending your child to a brick and mortar school, plan on Ace's curriculum to be behind in that area. Alpha Omega is a good curriculum to if you want to have your child think a bit more about the answer. Some families prefer this style of learning in their home and there is nothing wrong with that. A/O is not your read your material and fill in the blank style of learning. The child has to read the material and think about the answer. The same with Christian Light ( though I prefer their style to Alpha Omega in certain subjects. Any curriculum you use for your basic subjects is going to expect your child to have critical thinking skills. Its up to the parent to guide their child into developing those critical thinking skills necessary to be able to complete the work or task at hand. Critical thinking skills really develop best through time, maturity and experience in life. Not from a workbook , or a textbook. Its up to us as parents to help our children develop critical thinking. With that said I think every curriculum made requires the parent to guide their children into those skills. Either way, whatever you chose to use, know that the curriculum is just a tool to help your child learn. Your best bet is to go to the website and check out the samples they do have online and compare that way, but if what your child is using is working and there aren't any tears involved. Well, stick with it.
  13. Is the University of Phoenix the only one that offers Elementary Education ( for grades K-6) for online studies? Does anyone know of any other colleges that offer this as an online course. I'm not talking about Early Education but Elementary Education.
  14. I have to say as a person who lost their mother to breast cancer. Yes, I am totally annoyed with it as well. Instead of spending their time on an actual cure , and prevention most of that money that is made for Breast Cancer is for administrative costs. I agree the Breast Cancer Society is profiting off of this and very little if any money ever actually goes to those with breast cancer and very little of that money actually goes to a cure. So , no, your not the only one who feels that way. My daughter has a rare condition that gets NO attention at all. I bet you've never heard of VACTERL. There are seriously so many diseases out there that deserve that publicity.
  15. Now what grade levels do these serve? I'm not seeing any info. Are there some that serve Catholic schools at the elementary grade as well?
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