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  1. Ty for taking the time to respond. Would u combine 8-10th into EIW?
  2. Middle of the school year and I haven't been doing any LA. EG is the extent of our English history, IEW in the past with tutorials and Abeka Lit--read and answer questions. I went on an ACE looking/testing fest. Since, we have had zero diagramming they tested 5th grade-ish. I want something independent and something to finish out the school year well with. We need Writing, Literature/Reading and Grammar (or not?-why do we teach diagramming???) 10th, 8th and 5th. I graduated one last year and she is in college. I am PAST BURNOUT😞 Thank you, Barb
  3. So, this is his placement test scores. Student ready for alg2 IF he scores the following: 10 or more correct on section 1----he scored 9 correct out of the 15 probs 8 or more correct on section 2--he scores 6 correct out of 15 probs *he doesn't even remember how to graph, simply etc. I am quite disappointed with what he has retained from his 90 lessons of Saxon alg 1😕. This student also informed me, he was not going back to Alg 1--So attitutde to deal with here😖 So, whatcha think? I am so ready to throw in the towel!!!! I have been lax with the last 3 due to burn out and see the fruits. Handwriting, spelling, grammar, writing are all lacking. Attitude obv makes it worse.
  4. New material which he should know from last year or certainly from the lecture
  5. Well he has done fine with the other lessons. 87 and up. I'm gonna give the placement test and see how he does
  6. We did Saxon last year at a Tutorial which proved to be too much running for my family and the teacher only completes 90 lessons of the book. She was very meticulous in requiring my boys to write out every single step and label answers etc. So, placement test last May put my Saxon Alg 1 student (90 lessons completed and not well) 2 probs shy of TT Algebra 2. So, I put him in Alg 2 TT. Yestd he bombed L 13 which was removing X from the prob. Clearly that is an Alg1 concept, and even one that I could grasp (non mathy mom). Honestly, idk what he knows😕 Should I make him take the Placement Test again since it has been 4 months since we did math😱? Should I insist that Alg 1 student and this child write out every single problem like Saxon??? I debated on having him test out of Alg 1 before we started Alg 2 but decided not to. He is intelligent but lazy imho😞 Thank you!!! Barb
  7. So we can be home. Posted here before and the consensus was that finishing only half or so of the books was woefully incompletely. However, I assigned up again cuz my ability to teach math is nonexistent and have spent 4 hours total including drive time 2 days a week just for math. So, 8 hours away for Math. Saxon prealgebra and saxon algebra1. My Saxon Algebra 1 student seems to have gotten snowballed I noticed when I went thru his notebook. He consistently missed problems from previous lessons. The pattern may go on for MANY lessons. Like L76 he is missing a prob from L41 and has been missing review probs from L41 since L 41. Clear as mud? He is not confident, not meticulous as required by teacher etc. So, TT placemnt test. He missed 2 probs from getting into TT Alg 2. I suppose this is cuz he is only on L90 in Saxon Algebra 1? Should I make him take say the quizzes from TTAlgebra 1 and start where he gets lost? Start tt alg 2 in the fall? I have not did a placement text for my saxon prealgebra student yet for TT. I cannot teach math to these boys and my husband does not have the time. I looked into Art Reed videos and they look great BUT again I am still lost and of no help when they get stuck. My 4th grade tested into 6th grade no prob. I cannot sacrifice meal prep, grocery shopping, house cleaning, irritability for always being in a rush, school with 4th grader not getting done etc in order to attend tutorials. Thoughts? Thank you!!!!
  8. Yes Ellie 1/2 Algebra. Thanks ladies! This is my mom instinct but I just needed confirmation from math savvy folks:-))) Thank u so much for taking the time to respond. Have a blessed day! Barb
  9. We switched to Saxon Math last January. Finished 76 and proceeded to Prealgebra via tutorial teacher. She was only able to get thru lesson 80. She assured me my student is ready for Alg 1 cuz the books overlap. This is pretty much her policy thru all levels (finishing about 80 lessons) except Advanced Math cuz parents asked to complete the whole book which she will do over 2 years. So, should I just get Art Reeds teaching DVD an skip the tutorials? I will also have another student in PreAlgebra so I would b gone 3.5 hours on two did days of the week. Not to mention it is 440$ for the class and $400 for second student. I am not math savvy but can figure it out eventually:-). What wud u do???
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