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  1. I totally use facebook for my needs! I LOVE this forum and recommend it to everyone, especially new homeschoolers and folks looking for free curriculum. I am always linking to that thread. I don't really visit forums other than this one anymore.
  2. I'm interested to see how folks have done with this! I purchased the book used on ThriftBooks.com for a steal and just got it today. I was planning on using it with my older kids next year (they will be 5th and 7th) as a spine and supplementing with "easier" books, videos, etc. This is going to save me some time. :)
  3. Oh, goodness, no. If I make one meal a day, everyone's in for a treat. ;) I have been trying to cut down on us eating out, but we do rely on quick and easy foods, as well as some convenience foods. I am about at the point that I'm going to be giving some serious cooking lessons to my bigger kids so they can treat ME once in a while. The problem, also, in my house is that I'm responsible for the cooking AND the cleaning.... because I know they will scratch up my pans if assigned that task. SIGH. SO, I'm never all that motivated to cook. ;) In time, I'm sure this will change.
  4. I'm pregnant with my 5th. Announcing #3 and #4 had me worried, but with this one, I went into it much braver. lol People can be jerks if they want. I'm thankful for a sweet baby on the way and don't ask for anything from anyone else...so....what's it to them?
  5. Chiggers burrow under your skin and have to be smothered to death to stop the itch.
  6. I like to make it with BBQ sauce on top. Easy. http://jennsraq.com/2012/09/1-2-3-bbq-chicken-recipe-easy-and-healthy.html I also like it with salsa on top, done in the crockpot all day. The leftovers of that are great mixed up a bit by shredding the leftover salsa chicken and adding a bunch of chicken stock/broth and maybe some cheese for a great southwestern soup. You could always garnish that with tortilla strips. You could also add in corn, green chiles, etc.
  7. Teaching Textbooks All About Spelling Aha!Science (from learning.com, $15/year for 3-5th graders) Veritas Press Self-Paced History The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading Math Mammoth Easy Peasy All-In-One Homeschool
  8. My husband doesn't usually get home that late, but if he's going to be home later than 7, we just eat without him. All of us are hungry between 3:30-4:30 every day, so we actually end up snacking (I try to keep it healthy - fruit, cheese, yogurt, nuts, or something like that) then and then a late dinner isn't so bad. Does he have access to a microwave at work? Maybe he could have his hot meal while he's working. If no microwave, maybe using a Thermos - or heck, even using the thermos for dinners to keep it warm and ready for him. I know a lot of people that use them for non-soup items
  9. Girl, I am in the same boat!! Some days, I feel like running away from home would be better for all of us (and then I remember that my husband only knows how to make ramen noodles and scrambled eggs...). I have made many things "easier" on myself. We've gone back to eating preservative-laden boxed foods and premade mixes sometimes. We are using paper plates and plastic cups for about half of our meals (half of the dishes to do!) - I do recycle what I can because it still drives me crazy. I have started making my kids do even more chores around the house. I potty trained my 2 year old so
  10. Math Teaching Textbooks 3 (independently) We were going to continue with CTC Math, but I changed my mind. We do enjoy that program, and he continues to choose it as one of his educational websites he visits when he’s done with schoolwork and still wants computer time. Language Arts Easy Peasy All-In-One Homeschool Language Arts 2 and Reading 2 (mostly independently) All About Spelling 1 (with me) I’m also requiring him to read independently for 20 minutes and then write in a spiral about what he read. He can give a summary, tell me his favorite part, predict what will happen n
  11. I have kiddos in 2nd and 4th, plus a 4 year old, 2 year old, and a baby due in November.... SO, we have less teacher intensive stuff this year. In fact, I'm having them keep track of most of their own stuff! They're doing that on Http://homeschoolskedtrack.com My 2nd grader is doing: Teaching Textbooks 3 (independently) We were going to do CTC Math, but I changed my mind. That was also independent. Easy Peasy Language Arts and Reading (mostly independently) Brainpop Jr. for history and science (I'm asking him to watch a video and take one quiz - independently) Typing Pal a few times
  12. My kids LOVE the math (and other) games at http://sheppardsoftware.com/
  13. Scholastic has a lot and of "magazines" and offer different, but affordable pricing for single pricing. Just give them a call http://classroommagazines.scholastic.com
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