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  1. Yes, absolutely that makes sense. And I agree with you and desire for our kids to be accountable to us first and foremost as their parents. Right now, it's helping us to have more accountability in his life than just us. We are very involved parents, but we're hitting some things with him where having some other accountability in his life for school is helpful, which is why it's not an easy decision whether we should pull him from his current school where he has a good relationship with his teachers. Basically, other authority in his life to back up and align with mom and dad. As for the
  2. I appreciate your candor. That's precisely why I came here...I need a sounding board and help knowing what's out there. Ideally, we'd prefer to homeschool (proper) classically, but that just may not be in the cards for us right now budget-wise. Because of my son's personality, I do feel as though right now he needs more accountability than just us, which is part of the reason we're considering pulling him...to spend time working on building his character. But you may be right...it may just not be the best solution. I feel like all of you have given me great options and suggestions and a lot to
  3. No, I don't think we have a copy of this. Could you give me an idea of how it works in a nutshell? What would be required of him and me?
  4. He's currently in a public charter school. It's ideal as far as non-private schools go, but we are facing some things that are causing us to reconsider whether it is best for him. I'm not sure what you mean by this line - Also, almost ALL homeschool high school curriculum is written to the student - seriously. I can't even think of one that isn't. Can you expound please? Thanks!
  5. Great questions. Thanks! When we homeschooled before, I taught every subject one on one (BJU and Veritas mostly). It was easier in the early elementary years so far as content goes, but it wasn't best for our family, especially for my sanity and for my relationship with this child. He works well on his own but does need some type of accountability. I think having an accessible teacher would be best, to answer questions or explain things I can't at this stage of education. He's extremely intelligent and can be self motivated, but one thing that has been very positive in the classroom setti
  6. Hello, we are considering pulling our freshman out of traditional school. It's been many years since we've homeschooled, but I remember this forum being a wealth of information with so many willing to help with their experiences, so I'm starting here. I'm looking for something that is rather independent. Ideally, he would have been classically educated this far, but it's just not the path we've taken for multiple reasons. We're very interested in that route, but since this is pretty sudden and we haven't planned for it, we also don't have much of a budget to work with yet. I'd be so thankful i
  7. Hello, My husband is looking for an online, self-paced curriculum that will take our boys through American history throughout the rest of the summer. They are entering 5th and 7th grades. Any direction would be appreciated!
  8. It totally depends on the type of person you are. If you can commit to finding all the stuff and putting it together, it helps to have it all in one place before the year begins. I know me, and I'd rather pay for the kit than find all the random items. If it could all be done at Walmart in 30 minutes, maybe. But I don't know...I've enjoyed having everything in a box for Astronomy, and I'm not sure how much it would have saved for me to buy everything anyway.
  9. I don't have anything to say to help. I'm looking forward to reading the replies. I just wanted to say thanks for saying this. Last year I didn't look forward to starting, and it was as hard as I anticipated. This year I look even less forward to starting, mostly because we don't have much community during the year, and it's like being in hiding for 9 months. I have loved summer. So just seeing that someone else despises those "YAY for school starting!" posts as much as I do right now is so encouraging to me. We're not alone! And yes, it is totally worth it, and I'm willing to fight for it for
  10. IXL is fantastic for retention. We're using it for Math and LA. But yeah...it's just practice!
  11. Last year was tough with two young children (2 and 4), and a lot of our work fell by the wayside. This year I've made our schedule, but I'm starting to think that I probably need at least one subject for the boys (3rd and 5th) that they can do more independently. 4yo is ready to learn to read, so I'm going to need a block of time with her as well...and probably include my 2yo who is freakishly almost on 4yo's level. So my one on one time with the boys is less and less. I'm happy with Singapore for math, and we have science covered in a co-op. I'm thinking we could all manage history togeth
  12. Hi, I'd love some seasoned moms to weigh in on online courses (or computer courses, if not online). I have two toddlers and am teaching math and grammar one on one with my older two (2nd and 4th), but that's about as much as I can manage. They do literature, copywork, handwriting, and spelling on their own. We are lacking majorly in science and history, so I would like to look for online classes for those subjects. I've dabbled in having them read books, but I need more organized learning than that so that I'll keep up on it. Have you had any experience (good or bad) with online learning? The
  13. We used BJU writing & grammar last year, and it was a bit too teacher intensive for my time limits. So we tried Easy Grammar which was highly recommended to us for more independent grammar study. Great concept, but the student book does not lend itself at all to independent study. I probably would have done fine with it at his age, but he is struggling with understanding the concept of basic grammar. Because of that, I feel like BJU is a good fit for him, but I dread going back because of how long the lessons took us...also every other chapter is writing, and I've stepped back a bit from w
  14. Thank you all so much! We aren't in a homeschooling community, so it's difficult to get an idea of what others are doing. This has helped a lot, and I feel much more at peace about starting our year.
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