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decent instruments for toddler/preschooler

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I would like to get some decent quality instruments for my little crowd. I have a little tikes xylophone that I HATE. The sounds are so off key:banghead:

Have ya'll found any that have good tone?

Also I would like some percussion as well. . .but I really hate to get something cheap that's going to just fall apart. I know there's good stuff out there, but reviews are so mixed that it's hard to know what to get.


What says the hive:bigear:

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This is one of my favorite stores (it's local to me but I've ordered from their website as well). https://www.johnsmusiccenter.com/ Personally, I've gotten the most out of a small hand drum, afuche cabasa (a multi-purpose shaker type instrument found on their site under small percussion), a couple of wood blocks (found under small percussion), a shaker or two (we made our own out of those plastic eggs you can get at Easter time), recorders (I like Yamaha). I would absolutely love to have a glockenspiel, xylophone, metallophone (found under Orff instruments) but they are way too expensive for me.

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If you want a barred instrument, Sonor makes a "Kinderglockenspiel" that was designed for the Kindermusik program. It's a nice quality instrument, and not terribly loud because instead of having a full resonator box, it has a frame support.


Boomwhackers are well tuned and fun to play around with-and inexpensive.


For percussion, Remo, LP, and CP are good brand names-they're all professional percussion companies, but LP and Remo both have kids' lines.



For wind instruments, Peripole makes a good recorder that's hard to overblow.

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:thumbdown:okay.. .so I'm deducing that a good xylophone/glokenspiel is going to be currently out of my price range for now.


Sooo. . .I'm looking at some of the ideas. I really like the idea of the handbells. I have a really loud cowbell that I use to call everyone in for mealtime, and they always want to play with it, but can't because it's too LOUD. Makes me think they'd like it. I want to get a variety of instruments so we don't have fighting. . .

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We have these hand bells and they have a nice sound


We also have a steel drum that the kids like to play with.


Bongos and a lap harp came from Goodwill


We have some First Act wood instruments and tambourine


I don't buy recorders! The have the most annoying sound to my ears.

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