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Those who use CLE - what subjects and approx how much time?


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I'm curious which CLE subjects you use, and approximately how much time per subject?


I think I'm planning on using CLE math and language arts for my 2nd and 4th grader in the fall. I'm really liking CLE geography too...but they will be getting some geography in their CC co-op and some ALE classes. However I don't know how thorough it would be.


So I guess I'm curious how much time I'd expect to spend per day on CLE math and lanugage arts, and if CLE geography/social studies is worth it? We'll also be reading together, doing some science experiments, and then the CC (Classical Conversations) memory work.



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For LA, the guys can do it in 20 min, but 40 is more common. I love this program. My poor speller is using Sequential Spelling instead, but ds7 is using his spelling.


We also used Reading for the first time this year and are enjoying it. It's 20-30 minutes long.


We're also using Social Studies 3 this year. Ds8 doesn't really love it, but it's okay.


Ds7 and ds8 are both using the Bible program when they wish and usually are quite happy to do lessons in it too. Ds8 is also doing a Discover 4 Yourself study.

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