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  1. I know I'm grasping at straws with two high schoolers! :) I looked it up on Wikipedia and high school is considered "higher education". "Higher education is an educational level that follows a completion of a school providing a secondary education, such as a high school, secondary school, or gymnasium. Tertiary education is normally taken to include undergraduate and postgraduate education, as well as vocational education and training. Colleges, universities, and institutes of technology are the main institutions that provide tertiary education (sometimes known collectively as tertiary institutions). Examples of institutions that provide post-secondary education are vocational schools, community colleges, independent colleges (e.g. institutes of technology), and universities in the United States, the institutes of technical and further education in Australia, pre-university colleges in Quebec, and the IEKs in Greece. They are sometimes known collectively as tertiary institutions."
  2. The law seems to state, "all forms or higher education". Is this true? Why haven't I heard of this before?
  3. ...in the end of the movie and they end up NOT breaking up but going to a restaurant. She is blubbering out a long row of things she likes and appreciates about him, that are uniquely "them" including the way he reads the part of Wilbur the pig, in "Charlottes Web"?? Can someone help me figure this out?
  4. Plan S wins hands down for me. You could add more windows to the end bedrooms to enjoy more of the view. I would go for a natural hickory kitchen. You could also put down more rugs to absorb the sound. That large wrap around porch! I love it!
  5. I voted 9 and 10, but it wasn't mommy, it was mama and often mama dear! Now I dream of my soon 13 yr old calling me mama dear. Maybe I should make him do it when he's less then respectful.
  6. That is beautiful! Thank you. I really didn't expect a pat answer because it's a rather complicated situation, but I think God has given me an answer, he has me in the middle of this so I can pray. I feel so helpless because she is seperating herself from the very things that will keep bringing her answers, light and hope to her very hard life. I did send her a card last week. I don't really have any fuctions to take her to, that would be fitting. Most of my life is homeschool group and church group. She is older them my mom, we call her our local grandma.
  7. Hello ladies, I don't think I've ever posted in the this group but I have a situation that I need help and advice with from a Christian perspective. I have an friend who loves our family. She is easily offended and lately decided she isn't coming to church anymore because someone didn't invite her to their wedding and lots of other church friends were invited, but not everyone. She said this has happened often enough. I really encouraged her to find fellowship because I am concerned for her spiritually. Her dh is a very bitter trucker and she has her plate full in relating to him, I'm afraid for her spiritually. I really love her as a friend but her negative attitude towrd people in our fellowship wears on me. Should I continue to invite her to my house when I have others from the church over? I have already pointed out to her that she needs to continue doing the right thing in spite of what others do. She doesn't have many close christian friends.
  8. I just read my journal from a few ago, my very spirited, strong willed, now 12 yr old was crying every day, sometimes many times a day. And he reminded me that we set up an reward system that he gets to go to the hunting range with Dad if he doesn't cry for 5 days in a row. I remember if I saw a breakdown coming I would offer some coping ideas and remind him of the reward coming. Maybe you could affer an reward for not crying for one day? That said, he did cry yesterday at 12 yrs old! because of a sudden change of plans of something that he was really looking forward to, but this is getting quite rare and would not happen outside the home, so we're getting somewhere...hang in there mama, but don't quit working with him.
  9. I tried. Mine was almost a month expired and it said it expired four days ago. So maybe yours would work?
  10. Would anyone have a Gurney's coupon that you aren't planning on using? I had a order 200$ get 100$ off and it expired 4 days ago! Now I have 200$ worth or products that I really want!! Check out asks for account number and key number to use the catalog coupon. Thanks a million if you can help!!
  11. ...to think outside the box. What other people thought and did around us was the least of her concern. This brought some discord in my teen years when I wanted to conform and measure myself by my friends but it was invaluable. Her one guiding force was the Bible and what God thinks. This solid foundation has brought more purpose to my life then anything else could have.
  12. Just so you know your not alone! Yes, we have done that! Some were early readers that had black and white illustrations and I thought they would be improved with some color. I even let the kiddos do it!! Why not?
  13. My son and now my nephews enjoy the Childhood of Famous American series.
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