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Driving pet peeve! I am sick of people shoveling snow in the street & hitting my car

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Three times in the last 2 days someone one has thrown snow from his driveway into the street and hit my car.


I can't stand it anymore.




I am driving down the street when the people throw the snow onto my car from their driveways. They are clearing the snow from their driveways and they just throw it into the street but they don't look where they are throwing and hit my car.


It startles the heck out of me.

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Snow is annoying, period. I was just joking with the kids as we were leaving Kroger that we could bring our sleds to the parking lot and slide down the snow mountains that have been created there. It's been snowing so darn much we are running out of places to put it--and this area is somewhat rural.

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Do you mean it is getting your car dirty or is it just annoying?





You have a clean car!??!? How do you manage that? We haven't had enough of a break between the snow for the roads to be clean. We haven't even bothered washing our cars, we are getting more snow tonight.:glare:


What do you mean you are driving by and the snow gets thrown on your car? Or is your car parked off the street by your house getting hit?


Either way I would be annoyed and I live where there is snow way too long in the year. lol


I mean I am driving by and the snow gets thrown on my car.


It's not about dirty (the car will be clean in the spring :lol:). It's a matter of being startled by a shoveful of snow hitting my car.

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Last week I was driving down a main, but narrow, road in our village. I had stop because someone's driveway was being plowed...the plow was blocking the street as it pushed the entire load of snow out of the driveway - and then left it blocking the street ! I had to drive around it on the other side of the divided road ! I actually had to cross over a raised concrete median ! This is one of the major roads leading in and out of our town ! I dunno, maybe the plan was to get it all out of the driveway and then clear it from the street afterward...but for the moment, he was completely blocking westbound Rt 68 with a large snow pile. :001_huh:

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