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  1. It makes it hard to sell when everyone sees you as "0" feedback . I worked really hard to get what I had an now nothing.
  2. The Kindle Paperwhite is what I will get for me. I was thinking that regular Kindle that is like $69 for the kids would be great for them. I love that I can do parental controls that really helps me make my decision. Thank you.
  3. Okay, I would love to buy all my kids Kindles for Christmas, but I have a few questions first. Side note not the kindle fire, just the regular Kindles. Anyways, can they get on the web and go to facebook or search out anything? I am having a hard time with my oldest and him going to sites he should not be going to. It has come to the point that I have taken away all his devices that he can access the web with. Also my youngest just needs it for a reader, I would not like him having full access the the web either. Also any pros and cons you can add in for me would really help.
  4. Thanks. I feel better now. Bit lost on this new site...
  5. Might just be me, but I cannot find how to search the boards now for a certain topic etc.
  6. Here is a summed up version of what is going on. My oldest son who is 16 now has started this last couple months or so with a horrible attitude to everything. Now it just seems to get worse. Started off with a little back talk or sassing here and there, and has now blown up into yelling and hitting stuff. I have tried and tried to figure out what was and is going on with him. But he is one of those kids who just doesn't open up to anyone. Now recently he did miss 8 days of school due to some issues that were going on. Well it has been way over a month now and he still has not gotten all his work turned into his teachers and has been on the down list weekly. But still wanting to keep doing all the activities he wanted. I have asked him why this work is not done and I keep getting excuses and more excuses. Well I put my foot down last Friday and told him he would not be going to this youth convention next week if he was still on the down list. Also he would not be able to do wrestling this year if he could not get off the down list or had a note from his teachers stating he was close and working on getting off the down list. Well nothing has been brought home and he is still on the list. I feel horrible about taking his wrestling away from him, he does awesome at this and really looks forward to it every year. But I don't know what else to do. I am not sure what is going to work to get him to see how important it is for him to keep up his grades. A week ago I took away and turned off his cell phone. He knows that one of the conditions of having his cell phone was that without notice we would ask for the phone to check and make sure he was not doing stuff he was not suppose to. Well this last time he got very very defensive over it, he put a lock on his phone so no one could open it. At this point I told him that if he needed a lock on his phone then that tells me he is hiding something. After he kept telling us he did not have anything to hide he did unlock the phone. As he was unlocking it he deleted as much as he could before handing it back to me. Well he was not able to delete his internet history. Well I found pornography on there. Not some simple stuff either, it was sickening. After seeing this I decided it was time to shut the phone off since he could not be responsible with it. Also I am not going to be the one who pays for/ supports such behavior. When he gets upset lately, which seems to be any time anyone asks any thing of him, he will hit the walls and doors as he walks by them. Not sure where this physical behavior has come from. I am honestly at a loss right now. I don't know what else to do, say, etc. So here I am asking for help. i know I am not a perfect parent, but I try my hardest to do what is best for all my kids. It is just his attitude and actions right now are making it really hard on everyone else in the house and family. He is very negative to all of us if we don't do what he wants right then and there. Please help.
  7. Now they are starting to pull out a lot of the rigs from ND. They hit this 'boom' way too hard and fast. Many many people I know are being effected from this, they could not rent there and had high hopes bought homes. Now they are without jobs to keep up that hefty payment. Wyoming has done fair, but I would not say we were not effected. The small town I live in has very few unemployed families and people. Also there seems to be more jobs being added here this last year or so. Sawmill, stores, hotels, etc. Now this is a small town of 1600 people and pay rate is not bad. Most teens are able to get jobs here for decent pay. For example my 16 yr old has a dish washing job that pays him $8.50 hr. Which I think is great for someone of that age.
  8. This one gets me too. Like our little league games here moms will just light up and smoke right next to the kids playing. :glare: Upsets me so much! Honestly they cannot wait an hour? chew some gum or something, but leave the air clean for the rest of us. I have family who smoke and I ride on them like no other if they try to smoke in public when I am there. Just not fair to the rest of us who do not smoke.
  9. Well most of the books we have are for our present level and below so they will need to go anyways. Not sure if ps is long term or not, I know for the rest of this year it is. He is really enjoying it and that is wonderful.
  10. Well it is official we are not a homeschooling family at this moment in our lives. My little guy started public school about 3 weeks ago. He loves all of it but the homework part. ;) But I knew that was going to be a bit of a change there. I am finding I am the one who is having a harder time to adjust to all this. I keep looking at the work he brings home and think what is the point? What are they trying to teach here. Or there is a way better way of doing that without all this darn busy work. :D I knew it all was not going to be easy at all. I dreaded making the decision to send him to public school, but honestly mom burnt out and I just could not keep going right now. I put myself on system overload for a long time now and well it all came to a head about a month ago and we decided as a family that pulling the homeschooling for right now was best. Now I still find myself searching out programs and looking through our books. I guess once a curriculum junkie always one.:D Right now I am having the hardest time with all these ebooks I bought for this year that have not even been opened and going to waste. I cannot even give them away which just feels like such a waste. I have tons of stuff I bought this year and cannot seem to press delete even though it won't be used at all. I really wish there was some way you could just give them to someone so I did not feel it was all wasted. I went through all our books the other day, I thought about selling them but then decided I will just box them up and give them away to someone. Finding stuff to do with all my free time now seems to be overwhelming also. I have so much time on my hands that I went and got a job thinking it would keep me busy. Well that did not work out so great. I do have a job, but it is one that I seem to have way more time on my hands just not at my house now to do the stuff that needs to be done. How do you go from your whole days and nights being over flowing full to almost empty? I feel like I am doing nothing, but really I am. When we were hsling cleaning the house was an all day thing throughout the day. Now it is done in 30 min and I am left thinking what now?:001_huh: I guess it is time for a hobby of some sort, just not sure what. Anyways just wanted to have someone(s) to talk to, seems I am alone a lot now and have not talked much at all. I am going crazy. Well I think I have always been crazy the difference is I have so much time on my hands now that I have finally noticed it.:D
  11. So I can move there and never once say a word? Really? So like my oldest who is in ps here, but possible hs there I would not have to do anything?
  12. I am curious how you make the time to homeschool , work and take care of daily life stuff? Years ago I was a single mom, but did not homeschool and life was hard then. Any tips? Any advice? What is your secret?
  13. From what a friend told me since my children have never went to ps in Texas I would not have to report anything? Or did I understand that wrong? Have a possible move to Texas in my near future and I want to make sure I know the facts before I get there. Thank you for any advice.
  14. Honestly I don't judge age by gray hairs. When I was in school I had a teacher in her early 20's that was full gray she had been that way since she was about 17. I know no help to your situation.
  15. My problem is I am not even showing any sign of any color but green. Not even a hint.
  16. My tomatoes and peppers refuse to turn red. I have had large tomatoes on the plants for weeks and weeks now staying the same size but not turning. Same with my peppers. Now the growing season here is coming to an end really fast. You can feel fall in the air and our fall here is just a quick stop until it is full on winter. Is there something I can do to get them to hurry on? Or am I doomed with tons of green tomatoes and peppers. Side note when I am referring to the pepper I mean hot ones like cayenne. Can I even use them green? My plan was to dry them and make cayenne pepper once they turned but they are refusing to do so. Thank you for any help.
  17. Just popping by to say hello. I hope you and yours had a wonderful summer and wish you the best for the new school year.

  18. Your goal list is very encouraging. Honestly it is everything I need to do this year. Thank you for posting them.
  19. I was at Walmart yesterday and crayons were .50, paper was cheap, glue .50 and so on. Like someone mentioned above Staples has great deals right now too. But if you are going for a one stop shop I would just go to Walmart all the bins here are still full and over flowing (but school has not started back here yet either).
  20. I am looking over the supplies list for each lesson so I have all things on hand and ready before we even start. I came to one item and not sure what exactly they are asking for. It is "computer publishing software". Now is this asking for something like print shop, page plus, print master? Thank you for any help.
  21. Legally I don't have to keep records, but I want to for my benefit. Here is what I am wanting, I want to find a way to put down what we need to do this year. But not actually schedule it out. Whenever I schedule we seem to fail, so this time I want to have a place to look at what we need to do like a checklist or something along those lines. Then have a place to record what has been done. Any ideas on what to do or how to do this? I am just at a lose on how to get it all organized. Thank you for any help and ideas you may have.
  22. I am a non-income producing SAHM. We both feel I am needed more at home than at work. I prefer it this way anyways. Not that I don't like to work, but I do like being able to do what all is needed for my home and family whenever I am needed. Now if it come to a point I have to work to help support my family I will, but we are not at that point in our lives right now.
  23. If so how did your child do with the transition? I am considering the move and wanted to know if after using McRuffy they seemed well prepared to do Horizons math. Thank you in advanced for any information and help.
  24. Not sure if I have used that exact place, but I get my cartridges off of Amazon and they are the remanufactured ones and they work perfect on my Brothers.
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