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  1. We have visa/ debit cards, but only use the credit side if debit isn't an option and only when we know the money is in the account to pay it.
  2. Yup, ours only lists the charge they were convicted of, but no specifics and so many things can fall under one charge that it tells you absolutely nothing. ETA: when we first moved to our current neighborhood I looked it up and it showed one living on our street. I just showed the kids his picture, told them where he lived and that if he approached them they were not to speak to him, but to immediately come home and tell DH or I.
  3. I haven't read the entire thread so it may have been mentioned but don't forget nail scissors and little things like that. I would also get more gowns, but I loved those things for the first couple months. They make changing the diaper of floppy wiggly newborn so much easier. I don't know the weather where she lives but one of those covers that fit over infant car seats for cold weather would be a good idea. Much easier to keep in place then just using a blanket. Also I didn't have one (didn't know of them when mine babies) but one of those baby wraps that that snuggles baby right up to mom
  4. I'm looking for ideas for my cousin. Her 9 year old has suffered significant hearing loss sometime in the last year and they are puzzled as far as what has caused it and whether or not it will continue to degrade. The loss was caught by the school nurse during the standard school health screening. since then she has taken him to an audiologist and they have done a CT scan that came up normal. What would cause a healthy 9 year old to suddenly start losing his hearing? This little guy had issues with anxiety and feeling of worthlessness last year (he had been the target for a bully so it
  5. For $25-$30 you can get a set of real motorola walkie talkies. We bought ds a set several years ago. After reading the reviews on amazon we went this route because they were only a few dollars more than the kids sets, but they are more durable and have a much greater range (6 mi. I think).
  6. :iagree: This. It's a doll taken two years ago. Let dd apologize and offer to replace then get on with life. No need to make a big production of it. Oh, and kudos to your dd for having the courage to come to you and confess.
  7. Do you have a crisis pregnancy center or woman's shelter in your area? I would take it to one of those organizations.
  8. I have a cedar chest and box that are full and in the attic space behind DS's closet and I have a trunk at the foot of my bed for more recent items.
  9. I would. All of mine had it figured out somewhere between their 7th and 9th birthdays. However we never made Santa a big part of our celebrations. We wanted to allow the childhood fantasies without 1) lying to them and 2) retarding their developmet (in other words I think it's great that little children have the ability to believe in magic but there comes a point when they need to learn to seperate fantasy from reality, and fact from fiction). I burst my younger cousins bubble when she was 9 or 10. I had it figured out at 6 or 7yrs old so it just never occurred to me that she would still b
  10. That must be so frustrating, but i agree with mejane. I just wouldn't chance it, especially when it comes to poultry.
  11. I'm very claustraphobic and this goes nicely with my fear of being trapped. I won't even sleep with the bedroom door closed for fear there will be a fire or break-in and I won't hear it (kind of silly since we have two dogs). Then this joins my fear of something happening to one or more of my kids and I won't be able to protect them. Open water. I don't like being on open water. My 17yr. old driving in the winter. I have never been a more nervous wreck than I have been since got her license. She is a very competent driver, but I still worry about all the things that could go wrong.
  12. No, if we get any they are kids from the neighborhood. there are two neighborhoods in our town that are popular ToT spots. It's always been that way even when I was a kid. Also so may of the churches and other organizations have Trunk or Treats or parties that door to door ToT isn't as big here as it once was. yesterday was cold and windy so ToT in big parking lots with hot chocolate and a warm building was much more inviting.
  13. instead of complaining about it why don't you start some threads about the topics you are interested in. I'm sure others would participate.
  14. :iagree: I would be looking for anew ped. If I felt like I couldn't ask questions and wasn't being heard. The ped. May be right in ordering the tests, but you as this baby's momma have a right to ask questions and know exactly what her reasons are for ordering them. Try to to worry to much though, some babies/kids are just small. My nephew was born at an average weight and length but just grew slower then other kids. He started K two weeks before his 6th birthday wearing 3 and 4Ts. my older brother followed a similar pattern of growth. When he hit puberty he finally hit a growth spurt and
  15. No, I was born about 500 mi. north of here, but I live in the same town my parents moved us to when I was not quite 6. I still think of Fairbanks as my hometown even though i grew up here. Quite a few of my family members still live there. Both sets of grandparents moved their families to Fairbanks in the fifties, before statehood. If all goes well we will be moving next year.:auto:
  16. Hehe I saw the thread title and thought it was the start of a joke.:lol:
  17. ah yes!! The made up words kept in the toolbox for use when Even I have no idea what I'm talking about. Doobywacker is a new one to add to my toolbox. Sort of a variation of my often used "doohicky".:lol:
  18. Currently the two dogs, one cat and a turtle in the room. There is another cat somewhere in the house, probably on my bed and a guinea pig in the dining room.
  19. I found a dead bug in a package dole celery bought at wal- mart not to long ago. That was the last time I bought produce at walmart. Our locally owned grocery is usually cheaper on most grocery items anyway and their produce tends to look fresher, too. Until now it had never occurred to me that I should wash bagged salads, but after this thread I may start.
  20. The article only talks of one family and wants to use this one example to vilify a whole group of people. If this dad were really concerned about his children's education then where was he in the years they were falling behind? It sounds to me like he turned a blind eye to it, but then when they are going through a divorce he wants to use it as ammunition in court.
  21. We've had the inlaws all get together in the community we live in and still been excluded. Heck, I've pretty much been excluded from DH's paternal family from day one. All because I wouldn't cow-tow to the old man with an ego problem (DH's grandfather). Meh, who needs them anyway. Now that the old man is gone DH's dad seems to want to take his place. Well, I won't cow-tow to him either. After an incident this last spring (well, really a series of behavior but the one incident was particularly destructive) he isn't even allowed to see our children without DH or I present so that we can gather
  22. I think it's a wonderful idea. I'm assuming at his age he has all the "stuff" he needs or wants. I don't know how much or how well you fill cooks, but what man wouldn't love a freezer full of home cooked meals made especially for him.
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