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beginner's herb garden

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Basil is a great beginning herb. It's very easy to grow. Thyme and rosemary are also very easy. Rosemary is actually a shrub that you can grow in your yard. It's pretty and very fragrant and very hardy. Thyme you can plant in between paving stones or stick here and there in your landscape, too. It's low growing and spreads. That's always fun to grow.

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I managed to kill my basil, but the Greek Oregano I planted has come back beautifully year after year, and it has survived through drought and neglect. That wins Beginner Points from me! :)


Same here. My basil always croaks, but the oregano and thyme (and rosemary, usually, though it's had a tough time this winter) always come sproinging back.


I'd say it depends on what you like to cook, assuming you want culinary herbs. We've planted, with a fair amount of success, savory, sage, curry plant, parsley, chives, and lavender, in addition to the rosemary, oregano, and thyme. I am an ignorant and neglectful gardener, and aside from the basil, most of my herbs have done just fine in spite of me.


You might also try mint; if you do, know that it spreads like the dickens and might be better off in its own pot. Learned that the hard way!

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Basil isn't supposed to come back year after year. Mint will. The Rosemary bush will stay for years. Mint will take over anything in its path, so beware :)


Plant something you will use. Each year I get excited and buy little herblings. I don't end up using them then feel guilty for letting them die.

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Lavender, we hope ours will survive the storm, forgot it was outside and brought it in anyway.

Dill. I love dill in salads and on sandwiches. This is an annual.

Peppermint, spearmint, any of the other mints...like pineapple, apple; but if you don't want it to take over, like someone else suggested, keep it in a pot. These are perennial.

I absolutely agree with Basil recommendations, there are a few varieties of that as well. As mentioned, it is an annual.

Rosemary. There is an herb place in PA we used to go to that had an 8 ft. shrub of rosemary, survived winter after winter.

Parsley, nice in salads, an annual.

I try starting stuff from seed and sometimes don't have success, but small herb plants purchased do very well if I don't forget about them!:001_smile:

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It took me a while to get basil right. Mine does best in a big pot in full sun watered daily in the summer. Do NOT ever get the leaves wet, if you can help it. Reduces fungus issues which was what was killing the previous plants. Basil loves well drained soil, so the pot is good for that.


Use it often and keep it pinched back to promote more growth.


I grow rosemary...some are NOT cold hardy, so go to a good nursery in your area and ask.


Thyme, oregano, lavender, chives, mint....most love well drained soil, warm temps, and a good drink on a hot day.

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Hello, my name is Bronte Brown Thumb and my basil was Magnificent! I dont' know why but it grew wonderfully well and tasted great! My cilantro and parsley were pretty good, too.


I use basil, cilantro, and parsley a lot so those make sense for me to grow. Also, for the basil I can make pesto and freeze it and that makes it make more sense for me. Cilantro and parsley, I havent' managed to save but I like them and really use them up when I have them.


I think my point is that it depends on what you like to eat. As much as I feel I ought to, I just don't like oregano very much. I never really use it so it doesn't make much sense for me to grow it.


Decide what you like and go with that.

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