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How about taking a little break and playing board and card games? There are plenty that are educational so they would still be learning, but having some fun without the pressure of schoolwork might be refreshing to everyone.


I've been contemplating on doing this very thing this week, kind of like an easing in after such a long break.

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Do stuff with other families. Field trips, outings to cultural events (music, dance, plays). Classes, either casual or formal. At the age of your kids, more LEGO, more reading of their own choice, more making stuff. Park days and playdates - homeschooled kids tend to play things like "Greek Myths", so it's all good. Put on a show. Cook stuff related to your history stuff. Go on nature walks. Anything that requires a costume. Play in the snow. Play board games. Learn magic tricks. Dance.


Just in general, follow up on interests without going overboard. Try a bunch of things and see what sticks. I have found that it's this kind of "fun" stuff that evolved into a career/education focus for my teens.


Also, if YOU model interests and activities, it does tend to rub off.

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For me, adding more fun wouldn't include hands-on schoolwork and activities. I've tried that and it's not my idea of fun. To me, fun is going on field trips, visiting museums, roller skating, bowling, seeing a movie, hitting the bike trail, shopping or going out to eat.


I have been toying with doing our regular school schedule 4 days a week and then taking Fridays to just do our SL reading, maybe watch a documentary on whatever we are studying and doing an art lesson and science project. The kids might call that semi-fun because they wouldn't have to do any math or written work.



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They are 4 and almost 7, but nah, this was really an open hypothetical question for all readers and how their family would respond to such a revelation. In other words, what would 'more fun' look like in your household that is consistent with everything you've been doing so far?


Btw, Ph, if you don't mind, I'm gonna bump a question on Whirley-Pop add-ins if you have any additional advice there. No pressure ... ;)

Yeah, bump it. I will tell you that the only things I've ever put into the Whirley Pop are from the little booklet that comes with the pot.

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I did recently feel the pull to bring us together more as a family in fun, and not just in work.


I try to get the kids outside with me for a walk or trip to the neighborhood playground everyday, no matter the weather. I've been very sick with my pregnancy, so this isn't going as well as I'd hoped, but we are improving.


I give them free time to play together everyday.


I made a "fun things" schedule to go with our daily and weekly schedule. In addition to basic lessons and additional lessons-which rotate through the week- we now play a board game, read stories, do a sensory activity (an active game, a tactile activity like playdough, a visual exercise, etc), or we choose something out of the "extras bag" where I collect fun, educational activities like learning games, puzzles, word games, comic books, scinence toys, and so on.


This way fun is built into our day.

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Over Christmas vacation we had "fun school", which meant I let go of time constraints and let the students decide the order of their subjects, start time and break times so long as they completed their assignments.


We are beginning a fitness schedule on Monday and will be at the YMCA as a family every morning at 8am, which I believe will also be great fun.:)

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