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Every Young Man's Battle - Thoughts? Like? Dislike?

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It really depends on how "innocent" your boy is. Dh reads thru them as an option for our student ministry. He was raised pretty sheltered sexually...and found them to graphic.


His point being that it CAN create more problems than help. And this was from an adult male.


I do not recommend them unless your kid has a pretty good grasp of what hard core porn and sexual deviancy is.


Every Man's Battle goes into things like sitting in gym parking lots...to masturbate while looking at women dressed in workout attire. ( a thought that would never have crossed some men's minds...before reading it. Does that make sense?


Hope that helps some.

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Truthfully....no. and we are both trained to deal with sexual addiction.


The best book I know that is out there is called "How to talk to your kids about sex" by Dr. Mark Laaser


Having a relationship...hopefully with dad...where he can talk about these things in an open. honest and non-shaming way.

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I agree with Simla 100%! DH brought home Every Woman's Battle, too, thinking I might like to read it. It honestly put images into my head that never would have been there without that book. After a chapter and a half I gave it back and told him I wouldn't be finishing it.


IF this is already an issue, it may be appropriate. Even so, I wouldn't put a young person through it without the company of an older, trustworthy, very spiritually mature mentor.

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Thank you all for your insights. My younger boys are obviously noticing the opposite sex and I was hoping to find something that we could work through together. They are so visually assaulted today with advertisements as well as store front windows. I don't have any reason to believe there is a problem so this book sounds like it could be more detrimental than useful.


We aren't timid in our conversations by any means and we do discuss sexual purity and the need for cultivating self control. I just thought it might be easier to bring up some specific subjects if we were working through a curriculum of some sort especially since it's mom who is the one who discusses these things with the boys - dh is rather useless in this regard :glare: Don't get me wrong, he has great qualities, but frank sexual discussion isn't one of them :D


Thanks again. If you have any other suggestions, please feel free to PM me if you're more comfortable.

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We also own Every Man's Battle & Every Woman's Battle. We both liked them and found them relevant to today's culture. My husband was a youth pastor & they helped him in some specific situations with counseling. As for Evey "Young" man's Battle, I've never read it. It wasn't published then. It gets mixed reviews at amazon, with an average of 4 stars - so you could read the likes and dislikes there too.




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I highly recommend this one: http://www.amazon.com/Raising-Pure-Teens-Jason-Evert/dp/1933919337/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1292550685&sr=1-1



It's written by experts who travel all around the country (and internationally) speaking to teens and parents in both secular and Christian schools. They are very knowledgeable the questions and issues that teens have, and how to best educate parents to be wise guardians.

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This is a copy from the product description of every woman's battle. The bolded sentence turns me off to reading them...as if EVERY woman has an intense struggle for sexual integrity???:confused:


"Product Description


Your sexual needs are far different from your man's.

And they may be more dangerous.


When does an affair begin? Not with the first forbidden touch…but with the first forbidden thought. Unexpectedly, you find yourself enjoying a powerful emotional bond with another man. You feel like you matter to someone again. And the door you thought was locked so firmly–the door to sexual infidelity–is suddenly ajar.


The only way women can survive the intense struggle for sexual integrity is by guarding not just your body, but your mind and heart as well. Every Woman's Battle can help you learn to do that.


Using real-life stories and examples from her own struggle, Shannon Ethridge helps women like you–whether married, engaged, or planning to marry someday--to:



· Understand the four unique components of female sexuality

· Discern the common myths that keep women standing in the line of fire

· Design a new defense to protect every aspect of your life

· Cultivate an unimaginable level of intimacy with your husband or husband-to-be

· Develop an affair with the one and only Lover who will truly satisfy your innermost desires: Jesus Christ


Written in the honest style of the best-selling Every Man Series but with a uniquely female perspective, Every Woman's Battle will lead you on a lifelong path to true joy and fulfillment—sexually, emotionally, and spiritually.


Includes a comprehensive workbook for individual or group study."

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