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"Curse ye, Meroz!" - you other AofGG fans out there:

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I'm pretty sure there are other Anne of Green Gables fans on here. I was wandering around mulling something over the other day and found myself quoting the "Curse ye, Meroz!" line from . . . Rainbow Valley, isn't it? I was wondering how many of you others find yourselves doing similar things. Do you quote find yourself, because you've read the books so often, quoting the lesser-known lines because they just fit. so. well. ?


Just looking for some support in my addiction! :D


Mama Anna

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When I was in 2nd grade, I did odd jobs around my neighborhood to earn the money to buy the books. Every week I had enough and would ride my bike up to the bookstore and buy the next one and would read it all the way through in the week.


Anyway, every year since, I have read those books all the way through. I love them!


I find myself using "bosom friend" alot and "kindred spirit". I also quote things out of the books on a regular basis. I totally get it!

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My mother's brother was killed as a young child. My grandmother, watching my son, who bears the same name as my uncle, grieved aloud, 'Will he know me when I see him in Heaven? I'm afraid I won't recognise him.' And the first thing that came to my mind was Captain Jim telling Anne, about her baby Joyce, that God would do better than that.

Those words have been such a comfort to me since my own son died.


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Thank you all!


Dh sends me off to my room sometimes to read an Anne book when I'm too obviously hormonal. :)


Dd7 loves Rainbow Valley - in fact, if she loves my poor old paperback copy too much more, some of the Rain is going to fall out of the Valley!


I'm thinking of, during the 2nd or 3rd round of Modern History, having each girl read through Rilla as they study the WWI in order to get a handle on the culture of the time and what was going on at the homefront. WWII gets so much press that I feel WWI gets left out sometimes. Yet socially speaking, I think it was almost more of a shock than WWII because of the sudden realization that "advanced civilizations" could still be capable of brutality.


But, back to the main subject.


"Mrs. Doctor Dear"

"Tomorrow's a day with no mistakes in it,"



One of my favorite scenes - Remember when Miss Cornelia comes to visit Anne and Gilbert is inside eavesdropping in order to get a good laugh - and Miss Cornelia knows it? :lol:


Such adroit handling of serious matters by Montgomery with a sprinkling of humor to sweeten them!!


Mama Anna

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We have "bosom friends", "kindred spirits", and "Jonah days".


My youngest has Anne as her middle name. When dh asked how we were going to spell it, I looked at him like he was insane! Of course it had to have and "E"!!


I often quote Marilla, "To be in the depths of despair is to turn your back on God."


As a pp stated, "Tomorrow is a day with no mistakes in it."


Whenever it snows and the trees laden with snow frame our driveway, we call it "White Way to Light." We also have many poetically named spots around our property.


My eldest dd who is growing weary of dorm life just told me that she and a few friends need to find a "Patty's Place" for next year. She did mourn that they probably can't afford a sweet older lady to cook for them...


Right now dd is in the middle of a stressful finals week. She said she needs to come home and spend some time with Anne to decompress.


A huge delight to me is that my grandmother loved the books and gave them to me as a child. As a reread them as an adult, I can see where my grandmother got some of her sayings. It makes me feel connected to her even though she's been gone for years.

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I love them!


I think I spend so much time on this forum becasue there are so very many kindred spirits here.


I started my oldest on them a few years ago, she read the Great illustrated classics version and listened to the first book (I didn't let her listen to more than that I wanted it to still be kind of new when she was ready to read. Right now she is almost done with the first one and we were checking out the others in my shelf. She can meet Emily next :001_smile:.

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