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  1. just request group membership too..3 kids here...yikes great idea thank you
  2. thank you so much, I haven't homeschooled in a while, and am back at it...lol I came here today, in search of something just like this! again WTM comes to the rescue!
  3. oh what a good recommendation...off to buy! I loved MOH, it helped me a ton!! I read it a few times and then passed it to a new homeschooler! I think it is a grand help!
  4. We got SOS 8th grade history to give a whirl this year. My oldest did one month and then GED and is off to college, so he just faded away... my next son, has been on it since August, and here is the dumb part. HE is totally failing it. I would ask, how is it going, fine, love it. I got on today to put his sisters on, and I admit I am totally overwhelmed by this program...I struggled even setting it up, and obviously did something wrong, as I am just getting this. does anyone have any helpful hints before I just cry and cry? thank you
  5. Appointments all on same day! If we are going out, we are ALL going! lol
  6. no to an all nighter cleaning, but the title of this post did give me motivation to clean the table by my computer and grade all the science papers! lol!!
  7. I have 4(boys 16 and 14) and twin girls 13, and I absolutely love it! They are a blast most times. The wavering between wanting to be mature and immature are a bit annoying, but we have found humor in it with them, and temper their moods with good communication. They have their moments....longer than the terrible twos it seems at the time, but for the most part they are so independent that life is a breeze... now my other 3? egads 4 year olds are plain exhausting!
  8. I'm not a veg, but I do eat a ton of fruits and vegis! I have lost 75 pounds over the last 10 months, by eating good and walking/running 5K a day. I do in 45-50 minutes. I have hit a major plateau. I talked to a trainer and she said...ugh...that my body was going to need more burning of calories to push the plateau! So I am maintaining til after the holidays and then I will add more to my workout. I am going to add a step aerobics or body pump class 3-4x a week to push the next 30 pounds off!
  9. Two bags of chips and a hug! bring some brownies here and there and enjoy yourself! What a lovely neighbor, I bet they would rather have you come relaxed than pondering what to bring.
  10. lol in a heartbeat! if you do facebook, I am Anne Ofalamo there, or PM here or email at yahoo.com anneofalamo (cause my memory is just the first thing that went) lol
  11. having a place in your house that is clean(and not your puter area...lol) helps me. When I clean my living room and I can sit in it and regroup and press on, that helps me. I am a big believer in less is easier, and the conveniences of this time can be a hinderance. Just nuke dinner (microwave), gives all that time to "relax" The busier I am, the more I get done. I clean the house in a routine, and let the other places wait. flitting from one room to the other for perfection will drive you and the rest of your family crazy...trust me, I have heaped this in the past on my family. I am
  12. you can blame my mom, she is visiting Ellsworth! She usually is in the Bay Area of California :lol:
  13. Big big breath here....deep in, and exhale! We have adopted thru foster 3 times. Correction, we are in our third foster to adopt situation with 3 young boys. First adoption, a 4 year old boy, emotional roller coaster for me, the insane and wow I didn't realize how selfish I was! He did great, and connected very fast, especially with my husband. By the time he was legally adopted we had all bonded and life was good. Three years later, we decided to add to our family again. This time a sibling group: twin girls 4years old (had just turned) and their brother (11months older) and sti
  14. I have found the classics (old b&w) are a good choice for family movies. We love them! The original cheaper by the dozen, Harvey (anything with Jimmy Stewart! )The robe, Quiet Man for an example. The old winners of Oscars, in 40s and 50s is a good starting place. After that, egads, Hollywood and I separate! ♥♥♥ Time with hubby, that is why our kids go to bed early! 1. Seriously, I will put the littles to bed with a hug and kiss, the bigs go to their room with books to read, and hubby drives to get milkshake or we have yogurt and just snuggle on couch, with nice music on and bab
  15. this made me smile so big...as a mom (thru foster to adopt) who always wanted a big family, I did the same for years and years and just kinda dawned on me, holey moley, I am one now...lol:D
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