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S/O Another blessing story

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I just read HockeyMom's story. I have another one.


The older kids and I stopped into U-Haul the other day. We were hoping to find boxes to make DS3 a kitchen set for Christmas. The guy working was trying to help us, so I pulled up a picture of it on my phone and showed him what we were trying to do. He told me that he had a wooden kitchen sitting in his garage unused because his girlfriend bought their daughter a bigger one. He offered to bring it in for me to look at it; if I didn't want it that would be fine, too, because he could just set it out on the street for someone to take for free. He forgot it the next day but called to let me know. Two days ago, we went buy to look at it and he helped me load it in the car. He didn't want any money for it, but we brought him a plate of Christmas cookies.


It was so nice of him. We hadn't met him before that day we went looking for boxes. I plan on having DS go in and say thank you after Christmas.


If you have a story where someone has blessed you recently, please add it to the thread.

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What a lovely gesture on his behalf! I'm sure he thoroughly enjoyed the delicious cookies, too :)


This isn't nearly on the caliber of these other stories, but a colleague of mine traded work days with me so that I could be home with my kids on Christmas Day. He doesn't have any kids and isn't particularly "into" the holiday, so it wasn't a huge deal for him ... BUT trading work days with me will cause him to lose about $150 in pay. I offered to send him the difference, but he refused. I sent it anyhow and received a text message picture of him sticking the check in his shredder.


I'm going to just send the $150 in his name to our non-profit workgroup organization (it helps colleagues with income when they run out of disability and are fighting cancer or other health issues, or who are victims of natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina, etc.) There are about 1800 colleagues at my base, and I have never before met this particular one.

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The week of my birthday (which was last month), someone put $100 in an envelope and left it in my mail box at church. Then, last Sunday, someone did it again, only in a Christmas card. Totally anonymous. I didn't know who to thank, so I called my pastor and told him what happened and asked him to pass on my thanks to whomever my Phantom Benefactor is!

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Not holiday related, but a couple of weeks ago I pulled into Sonic and noticed a cop with flashing lights behind me. I had unwittingly been speeding in a school zone (I didn't notice the sign, and the school was behind me after I turned onto the road). I was pretty upset, and I'm sure it was obvious. After the cop gave me the ticket and left, I composed myself and ordered, and when the carhop brought our drinks, she told me that one of the other carhops had paid our tab. I promptly started crying again. It was only a couple of bucks, but what a sweet gesture.

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My turn!


I have too many to count - wait, I think there's a song there somewhere ;)


My dh has been in varying degrees of unemployment for 3 years. It's been tough.


Over and over and OVER again, we have received checks, gift cards, anonymous monetary gifts when I really didn't know how we were going to eat. It's been - overwhelming.


But my happiest one lately?


The weekend before Thanksgiving, some of you might remember that my grandmother died, and dd18 had a ballet audition in Mississippi. Dh rented a car (before Grandma passed), drove dd to the audition. While they were there, Grandma died, so they had to drive from MS to Indiana by themselves to meet me and the other 4 there.


So, obviously, we were returning the rental car somewhere other than B'ham. When we got to the Indy airport, the guy in the lot made lots of "harumphing" noises about "300 dollars" and sent us inside to the counter.


Dh walks out with a big smile on his face.


"Twelve dollars extra!!!!!!!" All we were charged for returning this car over 500 miles from the original return point.


That was a huge blessing.

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I've been disabled since mid June with terrible pain in my hip that we originally thought was due to my hip replacement, but now, are unsure of the cause. At this time, nearly 6 months into my ordeal, I'm still undiagnosed, still experiencing attacks of pain, still unable to do my farm work or most house work, still on crutches half the time. (I see the Dr. again Dec 23 and I had better get some answers or I'm going to Mayo clinic!)


ANYWAY! The ladies at my church got together and made me a gift of gifts. It came in a huge rubbermaid type tub that was full of individually wrapped gifts, each with an encouraging card and Bible verse. There were 33 of them! Can you believe it?? I got to open a gift every single day for 33 days during the worst part of my pain attacks. It has been the most wonderful thing anyone ever did for me!!! I recorded all the gifts and verses in a lovely journal and pasted the cards and notes on the pages. I'll treasure it always as a reminder of how my church family loved me in my time of need!

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