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I love my iPad....

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Both of my boys are currently in science classes right now - the first time they have had classes at the same time. For the next hour, I get to sit here by myself in the science museum, hooked into museum's public wi-fi, reading the boards. :party::party::party::party:


...and to think, this is the way it is going to be every week!



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Well, just now we finished worked through some Indian math textbooks that are available as PDFs online (thank you Stripe!) in full color. No printing, and brilliant color. Easy-peazy.


Educational tool.




:iagree:Ours is totally educational. We move a lot, often overseas, without anyone moving us, so we've switched to ebooks (you can't take very many books in your checked luggage). Between homeschooling, reading picture books to the toddler, and looking up recipes in my digital cookbooks, we easily have the iPad on 5 hours a day simply as a good color ereader, not to mention all its other uses. Personally, I like my Sony Reader MUCH better as an ereader, but it's not in color and we had to have color for a lot of our books.

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I love mine too.

After going crazy over apps for a while, I am sort of over most of them (though I had a cool alarm clock! that told me the weather and all. Eventually I went back to my normal clock though).


What I actually use mine for, every day, is....to check my email and the boards here, while either in bed, or sitting near dh in the morning while he reads the newspaper.


I have bought half a dozen books on it- through the kindle app- and I really love reading books on it. It is about half the price of getting a book sent to Australia through Amazon- and its virtually instant! I am amazed at how quickly a book downloads.

I no longer use a credit card online- only a debit- so its not too dangerous. I love it. Whispersync it's called.


I use it for the ipod function. I love guided meditations and listening to various talks....I love propping my ipad next to me in bed or in the kitchen and listening to stuff.

I sitll use my ipod for music at home, and for when I walk, but I use my ipad every day.

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