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  1. He sent the application on Sept. 27. They asked for clarification on a few things almost right away to which he responded on Oct. 12. We received final notification today.
  2. We finally received notification today about the Gold medal. It did take a lot longer to hear than I thought. We were hoping to know in time to include on ED college application, but that didn't happen! At least we made it.
  3. You are singing my song! I wish I could send you flowers, cookies, and a puppy! I teach Calculus, and it's the algebra that kills you. I recommend Algebra 1 be taken twice with two different texts, if necessary. All three of my kids did it twice!
  4. My son is working on his Gold Medal, and I think we have everything in place except for figuring out the expedition/exploration for 4 nights. I am looking for suggestions! My son likes the outdoors and likes cities too. We are able to travel by plane, etc. if necessary.
  5. This past year: AP Calculus AB, AP Chem, AP Bio, AP Latin Next year in addition - AP Government, AP Stats and AP Environmental Science You are right. We don't offer as many as we would like. We will be adding each year. Which ones would you like to most see?
  6. Matryoshka - same thing happened to us. My son was used to live online classes, but we couldn't find a live class. Based upon the excellent reviews, he took AP Chem last year. It was not a resounding success. You would have thought I would have learned my lesson. He took AP Latin the year before through the VA Virtual School (asynchronous), and it didn't go well. He didn't even take the AP Language class, but based on his live Great Books classes, he got a 5. I now know - my kids needs a LIVE instructor...
  7. WILSON HILL ACADEMY Textbook: Calculus of a Single Variable 10e AP Edition AP Calculus AB / BC: AB, (approved syllabus) Online Class? yes, live classes twice per week with additional classes as the AP Exam approaches Where to buy: www.cengage.com; purchase through Cengage provides additional online resources Teacher Guide/Additional Materials: students are encouraged to purchase the solutions guide for ease, although answers are available online Sample
  8. Precalculus Info BROWN (Colleague of DOLCIANI - He co-authored her Algebra books) Textbook: Advanced Mathematics: Precalculus with Discrete Mathematics and Data Analysis (Includes Trigonometry) Note: Problems in this textbook are offered at three difficulty levels: A for easy, B for intermediate and C for challenge. Online Class? Yes. Online, live classes at Wilson Hill Academy (uses the year 2003 edition). More information on Wilson Hill in dereksurf's post! Where to buy: Out of print. Buy used on Amazon.com or from other online vendors and from the publisher's current stock.
  9. Dolciani books as well as support materials are still available from the publisher. http://www.hmhco.com/search?segment=All;mm=all;q=structure%20and%20method
  10. Thanks for the link to Boden. They have some great looking things!

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