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  1. He sent the application on Sept. 27. They asked for clarification on a few things almost right away to which he responded on Oct. 12. We received final notification today.
  2. We finally received notification today about the Gold medal. It did take a lot longer to hear than I thought. We were hoping to know in time to include on ED college application, but that didn't happen! At least we made it.
  3. You are singing my song! I wish I could send you flowers, cookies, and a puppy! I teach Calculus, and it's the algebra that kills you. I recommend Algebra 1 be taken twice with two different texts, if necessary. All three of my kids did it twice!
  4. I still cringe at my son's experience... so we paid for two AP Classes (Chem and Latin) through asynchronous providers. He did not pass. He took a psychology class (not AP at all or even close), did no prep, and got a 3. He did no prep for AP Lang (in spite of his mother's pleas) nor did he take the class and got a 5. Go figure... Now as an AP teacher, my advice to students who listen (i.e. apparently not those to whom I am related... :lol: ) is to work practice tests under as near test conditions as possible. The College Board has full length practice tests available. Simulate test day in your home. Begin at 8:00am. Go through the script of laborious instructions. Time them. Give them only the allotted breaks, etc. Try to work as many practice tests as you can. Patterns will start to emerge. Also, the scores are scaled. For ex. The max points on the AP Calc AB is 108. The most recent cutoff for a 5 was a 67 (the cut off changes slightly from year to year). The 108 comes from multiplying the 45 MC by 1.2 and adding it to the 54 FRQ points. So yes, you can "fail" and get a 5.
  5. My son is working on his Gold Medal, and I think we have everything in place except for figuring out the expedition/exploration for 4 nights. I am looking for suggestions! My son likes the outdoors and likes cities too. We are able to travel by plane, etc. if necessary.
  6. My son took two asynchronous AP courses - AP Chem from PAH and AP Latin from the Virginia Virtual School. Prior to that and in that same year, he also took several live online classes. He was quite accustomed to live classes, and he did not transition well to asynchronous at all. He bombed both exams. In the same year, he took the AP Lang exam with no class or prep and got a 5. It was an expensive lesson learned.
  7. I spread Algebra 1 over two years for each of my three kids because they were on the young side too. We used two different textbooks and basically did Algebra 1 twice. A strong Algebra 1 foundation is critical!
  8. My three kids are all STEM-oriented. I would love for them to take a Technical Writing Course before college. Does anyone know of a resource? Thanks! Anne
  9. This past year: AP Calculus AB, AP Chem, AP Bio, AP Latin Next year in addition - AP Government, AP Stats and AP Environmental Science You are right. We don't offer as many as we would like. We will be adding each year. Which ones would you like to most see?
  10. Matryoshka - same thing happened to us. My son was used to live online classes, but we couldn't find a live class. Based upon the excellent reviews, he took AP Chem last year. It was not a resounding success. You would have thought I would have learned my lesson. He took AP Latin the year before through the VA Virtual School (asynchronous), and it didn't go well. He didn't even take the AP Language class, but based on his live Great Books classes, he got a 5. I now know - my kids needs a LIVE instructor...
  11. All WHA classes use Adobe Connect which gives the teacher web cam ability, a whiteboard, and power point slides for presenting material in a live classroom setting. The students may communicate with the class and teacher during class via chat, microphone, and web cam. For specific course material, I would call the school and ask to be put in contact with the instructor.
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