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We need help with school now.

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What are six farming implements? This is a grammar lesson about nouns. Dd has to list 4, 5 or 6 things in several categories. My farmer's son husband is out of pocket and all I can think of is a tractor. I'm not sure is irrigation system is an actual farm implement or not.



Please help the city chick out.

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Why don't you just alter the question to something you do know 6 nouns for? How about kitchen tools or yard toys? The answer key is going to say "answers will vary" anyhow.


Don't be a slave to the book!




I'm from Oklahoma and my DH is from Texas. We were once playing pictionary (girls v guys) with a couple from New York City. We hit an impasse with the word "silo." They had no clue. ;) So, don't feel badly, just choose another type of noun!

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