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Is this weird?

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As soon as dd (11) finishes eating anything, be it a full meal or dessert, she has to go to the bathroom, and I mean she really has to go.


She's not bulimic, I know she's not vomiting; she needs to go #2.


She's the only person I know who does this :confused:.


Is it normal? Otherwise, she's as healthy as can be.

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This happened to me when I was about her age...maybe a little bit older...and I had a stomach ulcer.


Is she in a great deal of pain? Or she just "has to go"?


I had lots of pain with mine.


They diagnosed it with a GI of some kind...I think an Upper one. Not sure what they do these days since this was years and years ago!


Hope you find a solution soon!

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My oldest DS is like this. Always has been. Long ago, our Dr attributed it to DS being lactose sensitive. DS does have to watch what he eats due to the sensitivity - if he eats much dairy, he gets quite a tummy ache and then gets miserably constipated.


So - it might be weird, but your DD is not alone.

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I have a child with irritable bowel syndrome so it sounds familiar to me. Try googling "gastrocolic reflex".

Everyone has a "gastrocolic reflex", it is totally normal. It just means that when you eat then there is a reflex to empty your colon, but usually it is at least 20 minutes or so before any urges, etc. If your dd can barely get through a meal or if her bowel movements are diarrhea then I would definitely have her seen by your doctor. There may be some dietary things you can do to prolong her reflexes, so to speak.

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I had this problem for the longest time although it was only when I went to nicer restaurants (fast food is perfectly fine for me :lol: ).


Since I don't eat out that much anymore (dh 2nd unemployed stretch this year :( ) than I don't suffer the problem.


I had pretty much figured out the problem was something in the food -- maybe a preservative or something like that. You might want to consider an elimination diet to see if you can figure it out.



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Ds and I both have Irritable bowel syndrome, (though I did have issues when I had an ulcer when I was 18). I am pretty sure ds6 also has IBS of the opposite kind (he gets backed up). We don't have this issue after every meal, but after particularily big ones, like thanksgiving or xmas, as well as after certain foods.


If it was after every meal/snack I would look into it be reaction to a food.

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Thanks everyone for your responses.

She's not in any pain, nor does she have diarrhea when she goes; she just has to go.

She did have a dairy intolerance when she was a toddler though that I thought had gone away; I'll have to investigate that and see if that's what's going on here.

Thanks for the ideas!

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