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Is anyone interested in a postcard swap? (we need postcards!)


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If you sign up for this exchange, PLEASE be sure to follow through. The last postcard exchange we had here on this forum started out big and then fizzled out. (Our family sent out over 30 postcards but only received about 12 in return, which was a real disappointment to my dd.) No one does this to intentionally let children down, but life happens and we get busy and sidetracked. Just remember that it takes a commitment to make any type of exchange work as it is supposed to.


Not saying you shouldn't do this, as it is a super, super idea...I just want to encourage everyone to BE SURE to follow through and send cards to everyone on the list.




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We are studying the states this year and would love to collect postcards from all over the U.S. (but would also LOVE cards from other countries!)


If you are interested please post and I will send you are mailing addy and we will happily send you cards back!


:thumbup: Oh we would!!! We can send from Oregon and would love to get them from any other state.

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My kids aren't up to the stage of really appreciating mail yet, but I'm happy to send postcards to any children who would like to receive one from Australia - just message me your child's name and your address if you're interested.


Awesome! Thank you! We would LOVE to have cards from Australia!


We have littles too but they enjoy adding to their own postcard book...it evens things out ;)


How is this going to work, will we send a postcard to everyone on the list?


I was posting for myself, not knowing how much of an interest there would be. I plan on doing this until we get gards from all of the US states and then some!!!!


I think that if you would like to receive cards from others, post that you are interested and ask for ppl to send you their info. I hadn't really set this up as a swap. I am thinking now that maybe I shoudl have ;)

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okay I think i have everyone that messaged me, though I really feel like i am missing some people!


dani3boys, angela&4boys, helena, JustGin and Lowke....


cards are going outt omorrow and later this week as DS is writing them a few a day. messages and ifo might be the same if you receive/ask for multiple cards :lol: just a heads up!

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