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  1. We do have the student guides and the final exam is in the student guide.
  2. My daughter is using http://www.startsateight.com/uncle-eric-books-lesson-plan/. They use 2 "Uncle Eric" books and crash course videos to got with them.
  3. Thanks for your help in this. He does enjoy and easily gets math done each day, so maybe I just need to be thankful that he's found something that works well for him. I appreciate the time y'all took to help me remember that finding a good fit so the student can understand is probably the best program for that student.
  4. Forgive me as I'm sure this question has been asked, but I can't seem to find the correct search terms to find the answer. My son is going into 9th grade soon and he's looking at a possible engineering degree in the future. He has completed through TT Algebra 1 already. I've been hearing that TT isn't rigorous enough for those needing the higher college maths. Is this true? If so, what do y'all recommend? Thanks for you help.
  5. Just bumping this to the top since it's that season when we all start looking for next year!
  6. We are planning to use America from the Beginning from Answers in Genesis. I know that people often form groups through yahoo or facebook for the curriculum they are using but a quick google search yielded nothing. Does anyone know if such a group exists?
  7. I would vote for HOD. It is an all-in-one schedule that the 8th grader can work through parts on their own. The manual is easy to use and follow and it's CM flavored.
  8. Wildwood - I'm glad to hear that someone else has felt the same way. I understand that some really love this curriculum. And I was excited to have an affordable, well reviewed option for next year. Unfortunately, we've come from a lit based curriculum, so this felt too much like a textbook. I was hoping to find a way to spice it up some.
  9. I have the America the Beautiful set from Notgrass for DD. She is currently in 6th grade and looking to use this in 7th grade. I had her look at a few lessons over the course of a few days. She thought the lessons were dry and had too many facts. She really enjoys things like SOTW and even MOH which are more of a story format. Has anyone else felt this way? Is this just what happens when you move away from elementary and into high school? Please share your thoughts or experiences.
  10. For my DD in 6th grade we are reading a chapter a day out of the SOTW series. She likes it for the most part and is retaining more than she has with other curriculum. We don't do most of the activities in the activity guide, but she does do the map work just to be sure she understands where we are studying for the day. At this rate, she will finish most of the series by the end of the year. You could also look into getting a used Sonlight guide to help you get the series up to a middle school level. I know most here say that the series is only for grades 1-4, but in the beginning of the activity guides it says book one was written for grades 1-4, book 2 was written for grades 2-5, book three was written for grades 3-6, and book four was written for grades 4-8.
  11. Here is a comparison that the ladies on the HOD forums did awhile back. http://www.heartofdakota.com/board3/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=4553&hilit=winterpromise A few years ago when I was making this choice, I personally picked HOD over WP due to cost and the fact that my DD liked one book at a time for each subject instead of WP using a few different resources each day. For reference, I did own Animals and Their Worlds and used it successfully. We also owned the old Hideaways using SOTW and American Story 1. But neither worked well for us.
  12. With HOD you really need to rely on the placement chart. If he places in the higher level, than bump him up. But if he places in the level that would have been "next in line" for this year, use that one. Since he is in the older guides, you could do school 5 days a week instead of 4 which would make up some of that time. Also, if you school 180 days, that would help you be able to finish all the guides since most only have 140 days of plans.
  13. Wow, thanks for those sites! Looks like I've got some downloading to do.
  14. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll have to see if Amazon has any in audio form.
  15. I have an 11 year old girl who is making a 18 hour car trip with her grandparents. What are some favorite audio books that we can get for them to listen to. So far she has been a reluctant reader due to dyslexia issues, so she hasn't read a lot of books herself. I'm hoping to get something that will be interesting for her and that grandparents (who are retired educators and fully support our homeschooling as the best thing for our kids) won't mind. We are Chrisitans who do not support evalution (no debates please) and are fairly conservative, so we'd prefer books that will not be contraversial since we don't want the grandparents to be uncomfortable. Things we've listened to and enjoyed: Adventures in Odyssey, A Cricket in Times Square, The Narnia books, 21 Balloons. Thanks for your help!
  16. I believe we are dealing with a mild for of dyslexia with this child. After working very hard, her reading has improved a lot. But she still struggles with spelling, so maybe Sequential Spelling is the way to go.
  17. I have both Sequential Spelling and Phonetic Zoo programs here at the house and they seem very similar in that you learn words that have the same spelling patterns. Am I missing something that makes one stand out? Is one better than the other? If so, why? Thanks!
  18. Thanks for your input. I'm glad to hear the rest sounds resaonable. I'll have to look into the math a little more. As for spelling, she is working through a program, but she does most of her work as typing. Which has helped her spelling skills.
  19. Here are the links for the Sonlight timeline figures: http://www.sonlight.com/GH04.html http://www.sonlight.com/HH03.html
  20. DD is in sixth grade this year. We have been using a combination of HOD materials and Math-U-See for her entire school career. She has completed MUS Epsilon and is now working on Zeta. Is she on track with math? I've been reading (a terrible thing to do sometimes) that some kids are not prepared to do a traditional Pre-Alegbra after using MUS. Is this true? Also, we have not done a traditional spelling program, just dictation through HOD. DD is not a natural speller and is now trying to do level A of Phonetic Zoo. Though she is struggling with lesson 2. She has worked through some IEW materials at a co-op and is doing great in her writing skills. And she seems to be handling R & S English 6 well. Thankfully, there is no way to be "behind" in history and science. But for reference, we are using America the Beautiful for history and Sonlight F for science (her pick). Are we ok? Or do we need to catch up? Thanks!
  21. Thanks for the suggestions. KeriJ, that's how we ended up only being half way through level 5 and we're trying to go with a more classical or traditional approach rather than the slower CM appraoch. We looked at the table of contents and decided to go with book 6 keeping book 5 ready to fill in any lessons that may be needed.
  22. While you don't have to do a timeline for elementary, if you are interested in one you can certainly do it. Sonlight cores G & H use SOTW so they have timeline figures you can purchase to fit with SOTW. Also there is a yahoo group "Hannah_hs_helps" that has files for memorization cards and timeline figures to go with SOTW that you can print out.
  23. I love that idea of testing out of the first few sections of book 6! Sounds like I should finish 5 and then move quickly through the beginning of book 6. Thanks for the help on thinking through getting caught up!
  24. We are a little more than half way through the lessons.
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