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  1. I am an OT. Yes, you have great plans. Yes, she may change her mind. The only other thing I would recommend is looking at the options for colleges she would be interested in attending. A Master's degree is now required and a doctorate is soon to follow, I believe. Some colleges have a career path where you would attend only that school until completion. Others offer the master's degree to those with a bachelor's degree in another major, etc.
  2. My ds is entering 9th grade. We are looking at simplifying and using a complete package. We already have math and science covered for 9th grade, though. We are looking at Abeka, MFW, and Christian Liberty. I'd love to hear your feedback on these as well as any additions to this list. It would be especially helpful to use the same curriculum throughout high school.
  3. I forgot about Math Relief. I will have my son review the video for that. I have only briefly used Saxon in early Elementary grades. We didn't like it and did not give it much of a chance. I'd love to hear what you or your daughter likes about it. Thanks! Hoping to order Algebra this weekend and we will be ready to start back to school soon.
  4. He is ready for a change from CLE. I am looking into your suggestions: Fresh Approach and the online classes. We have a very busy home with farming. I was not sure an online class would work but these listed are worth looking into. Thanks so much! I had been looking at Jacob's with the Dr Callahan DVD, Chalkdust (too expensive), and Videotext.
  5. My soon to be 8th grade son has done CLE Math through 7th grade. He is ready for Algebra, but I want to make sure he gets it and is not rushed. I have thought of using DVDs along with a text. What do you recommend for Algebra 1? He does not love math.
  6. Budget is not strict but also not abundant. The Memoria Press is costly as well, but both HOD and Memoria Press can be passed down to at least 2 siblings.
  7. "I just hope I can stick it out and not be too tempted by other options... maybe I should take a break from these boards :)!" I completely understand! I have been a curriculum junkie. It looks like Memoria Press is in the lead with Heart of Dakota and Christian Liberty Press tied for second. I'd love to hear any other ideas.
  8. We have been using a mix every year that I put together. I prefer Charlotte Mason and Classical but don't always follow the models. We like CLE Math. This year we have done well with Hake's Grammar/Writing. We have touched on WWE and WWS but have not been consistent. We use SOW for History. We do real books for Science. Spelling Wisdom and AAS for Spelling. They read novels for literature. They enjoy reading and do not mind a few workbooks. They would not like a purely workbook or online method of schooling.
  9. Did you ever find an answer to this? I am currently looking for something similar for my rising 8th grader.
  10. I am looking to simplify school this year and purchase curriculum sets rather than piecing it all together myself. My 8th grader is the main one I am concerned about but would switch all of the children if possible. What are your favorite curriculum choices? If you preferred to replace one subject in that curriculum, what would it be? (ex. Abeka curriculum and preferred replacing math with Bob Jones Math) Considering Memoria Press but fear it may be too challenging.
  11. We are trying to get a good library of audiobooks. What are your favorites? Do you use Audible, Librivox? Any others? Thanks!
  12. Thank you so much for your responses! You have helped us greatly. We will begin this week with 30 min per day after school and chores are completed and see how that goes. Then increase to 1 hour on the weekends. Our children suffer from poor attitudes and laziness when they have too much screen time, which isn't that much, really. However, setting a specific time of day and length of time will help us all keep better track and they will know their own boundaries.
  13. We struggle in our house to keep our 3 boys busy and off of the Wii, iPod, and computer. The devices are like magnets that keep pulling them in. We don't have t.v. and only have these electronics. Please share your recommendations for 9 and 11 year old boys. How long is reasonable per day to play on electronics for fun? What are some hobbies/activities to get them involved in at this age, preferably at home? We have plenty of space outside. Do you have a certain structure to your day, i.e. electronics at the end of the day, etc. Thank you for your input!
  14. Please let me know what condition the book is in and your asking price. Thanks!
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