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Cleaning question: Ring around the bathtub

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We always get blue stains in our tub from limescale buildup and other nasty brownish stains as well. I tried everything from Soft Scrub to Comet to bleach and nothing worked. One day, my SIL spent the night and took a shower the next day. She cleans houses as a part-time job and went out to her truck and got Kaboom! I was amazed at how clean it got my tub. Just spray, let sit for a few minutes and rinse. Magic!

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Yes, Kaboom! would be ideal for a new tub. Will not scratch. It is inexpensive and widely available in places such as Target, grocery stores, etc.


If the tub is acrylic, I would not even use the scratchy side of a blue sponge on it. If you keep up with it, Kaboom! and the soft side of a sponge should do the trick.

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I just use baking powder and a vinegar/water rinse. Works great!


You can also do the toilet with those...quite an experiment if you use alot, as it foams up and out of the toilet:D


Hey, my Science Guy would be begging to clean the toilets if I had him doing it this way! (Only he'd probably figure out a way for it to go up like a rocket! - can you picture a toilet satellite over our house?:eek::p

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