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  1. My ds has just been diagnosed with several types of mold allergies. Have you located mold in your house? Where? How did you treat it? Any other ideas?
  2. No, we did not finish the WISE guide. We haven't even done spelling for the last year.
  3. My oldest ds is 10 years old and in 5th grade. We have stopped homeschooling and sent the kids to our church school. They school did testing on my boys this past week to be sure they were at grade level. My oldest tested at 9th grade math level and they *stopped giving him the test*. He tested at 8th grade reading and they stopped the test. He tested at 6th grade spelling level and they stopped the test. The test was stopped due to a lack of time, but they will be finished later. All my oldest has ever used for reading and spelling was Spell to Write and Read. He used Right Start from K to 4th and this year started Math Mammoth. I just wanted to encourage all of you to keep up these programs! They do work!
  4. Oh good! I've got another on hold at the library!
  5. Yes! That was the book, thank you!!! Are his other books as good as this one?
  6. I just read this and returned it to the library. I would like to read more by this author, but I can't remember the title or author! I learned about it from a thread here, but now I can't locate the thread! The book was the author telling about growing up in the 1950's. He pretended to be superhero of some kind and froze people with his sight. He told about how happy Americans were in the 50's, he made fun of the advertising, he lived in a small, mid-west city where his dad was the sports writer for the paper and his mom also wrote for the paper. Is it ringing any bells for anyone yet?
  7. I need some new curtains for my living room. I want something stylish, but casual feel. What is in now? Valances? Sheers? I have accordion style blinds (that I have all the way up except at night), but I could change if needed. I would like the color to be red or maybe just wood blinds??? Any suggestions would be welcome.
  8. We are seriously considering sending our children to school for the first time after Christmas. I don't really want to talk about the reasons why, I'm not even sure I can verbalize them all. I would just like to know your experiences. Thanks.
  9. I'm curious how many pages your 5th grader is doing with Math Mammoth 5 per day and how long it takes to get it done. My son is spending 40 minutes per day and rarely gets 2 pages done. There is just *so* much on each page! We will never finish the 5th grade level this year at this pace. He is understanding and testing well, we are just moving slowly. Have you skipped pages? Skipped problems?
  10. I don't have bronze faucet handles, I have seen that rub off in people's homes. Our door knobs, kitchen hardware, and furniture hardware have not rubbed off at all.
  11. Just curious and I'm off to tan right now. :) (no flames please, I'm going once a week to get out of the house for 10 sessions)
  12. I wondered the same thing for the same reason! I chose to go with brushed bronze simply because my door knobs and hardware on most of my furniture is brushed bronze. We put up the first light Sunday evening and I love it. I did wonder if I made the right decision! I'll be curious to read the response!
  13. I would ask to go to a diabetic class. They are incredibly helpful and will teach you how many carbs he can have per meal, what counts as a carb, and give ideas for meals. The class I attended (for insulin resistance) cost me $28.00 and was worth every penny!
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