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  1. I would like this to be a good fit for my daughter since it is a lot of money! She currently has Dr. Joost Nixon and adores him as a teacher. Thank you for your help.
  2. Has anyone's student had him as a teacher? We currently have Dr. Joost Nixon for Omnibus II and my daughter adores him. I am hoping to find a teacher as wonderful as he for Omnibus III. Thanks for your feedback. It is a lot of money for us so I would like this to be a good fit for my daughter.
  3. I know it sounds crazy but when I was in high school 3 members of our family kept coming down with strep. It was frustrating and finally our Dr. called in a consultant. The consultant asked if we had any pets. We did, a cairn terrier dog. The consultant tested the dog and it was discovered our dog was the carrier for strep. They treated him and the rounds of strep stopped. My mom still reminds me that if anyone is passing strep around their family "check the dog". I don't know if this is applicable in your case but it may help someone.
  4. I love mine. We got ours on a special deal when it was a buy one get one free. It is great during apple and peach! I also use it for raising bread dough and making yogurt.
  5. It has a lot of emphasis on fashion and does not have the articles I think are inappropriate.
  6. Three favorites here. Grace Based Parenting-Kimmel Hold On to Your Kids-Neufeld The Ministry of Motherhood- Sally Clarkson I actually like anything by Sally Clarkson, reading her books are comparable to having tea with a great older friend who has a lot of wisdom.
  7. They have clinics in South Carolina and Colorado. Dr. Stedman is the orthopedic surgeon for the olympic ski team and has pioneered many "knee-saving" techniques. We found out about the clinics while in Vail. We met a couple there that was doing their 6 week followup after surgery. His knee had been shattered in a car accident. The first surgeon in St. Louis, where they live, did a poor job repairing the knee and told the husband he would have to learn to live with the pain. The wife was upset because 3 years had gone by and the Dr. just told them there was nothing more to be done. The wife was so mad she couldn't sleep and was watching a show called "Charlie Rose". She said Dr. Stedman was on the show and it was an answer to prayer. She called the next day and got an appt. She said they were treated great even though they are not millionaires and had poor insurance. He said he only needed 2 ibuprofen after the surgery and was totally pain free at the 6 week check. They said Dr. Millet at the clinic was a miracle! After much research, my Dad is having knee surgery there at the end of July. He has severe arthritis and has needed surgery for at least 7 years but was afraid because so many friends and neighbors had been left disabled due to poor knee surgery. I should add, this is the man who cancelled his Mayo clinic appt. Since this type of surgery can be life altering, I encourage you to check into this clinic. If you would like the name and number of the couple in St. Louis, I will check with her. I am sure she would be willing to talk to you though because she said she doesn't want anyone to go through what they have with knee surgery. Blessings, Sunflower
  8. We have a True brand treadmill and have been extremely happy with the performance. No problems in over 10 years of fairly heavy use. I don't think you could go wrong with a True treadmill, other than the price.:) I seem to recall some sticker shock but it has been worth every penny since it has lasted so long and never had any problems. Blessings, Sunflower
  9. Just logged back in and saw all the feedback. Thanks for the info. I might spring $6 at Costco next time I am KC. I tend to think all politicians should walk the plank these days, so who knows, I might actually like Glenn Beck.:lol: Thanks again, Sunflower
  10. My mom always used apple cider vinegar but the purple color remained for quite a while as I recall. I read that cool green tea compresses were helpful for sunburns. Don't remember where I read or saw that. Possibly here? I used it on my daughter's shoulders last month and it really helped. She was not quite to the purple stage though. Hope you feel (and look not so purple) soon!
  11. A friend recommended this book. Only problem is at the library I am ~146 on the wait list. And our local bookstore does not carry the book. If I special order it then I am obligated to buy and I am not sure it is worth it. I am not familiar with Glen Beck other than I was not feeling well and so sat down and channel surfed for a while and happened upon his show. He seemed a little over the top but logical. So if you have read the book or have feedback, I would enjoy listening! Thanks
  12. Sounds a little crazy but a friend convinced me to try it. Also I had a relative that had fertility issues and she conceived after 2 sessions. Anyway, I have to admit that after 2 sessions, I felt better than I had in years. Alex also taught me how to do a self massage at home.(Which I am terrible about doing) But it was about a year ago that I had my last massage and I am just now starting to experience symptoms again so I think its time for another massage. BTW, the term massage is a little misleading. I think it feels more like organ rearrangement, which I guess technically it is, however, I definitely employed some breathing techniques that I used with labor. Anyway, you might want to investigate prior to surgery, if you are somewhat reluctant to go that route. Best wishes, Sunflower
  13. So sorry you have experienced this loss not just once but other times as well. I will keep you in my prayers.
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