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Rice Dream rice drink? Can you use this in place of milk?

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For most things, Rice milk can substitute for cow's milk. My ds has an allergy to cow's milk and soy- so we have had to use either rice milk or almond milk. If you mean can rice milk substitute for kid's nutritionally speaking- I think most doctors say not until age 5 or later. Of course, for us we didn't have a choice b/c he has so many other allergies.



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For pancakes, we just typically use water instead of a milk substitute. But if you want to add nuts to the pancakes or a sweetness, try using almond or hazelnut milk. It adds a special flavor.


But milk substitues don't have what it takes to make instant pudding mixes to set. I've discovered that it's a case of trail and error see what works.

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I 'almost' got the soy milk.....I guess I should have, LOL! The reason I purchased it was because we never drink milk....I only use it for cooking....so it sits in the frige and goes bad. So...I thought about using this stuff since it has such a longer shelf life. OH well....that is why I came here to ask, LOL!


Thanks everyone....I appreciate the info!

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Non-dairy milks can be used in most recipes which call for dairy milk.


Rice milk is my "non-dairy milk of choice" for baking, most of the time. Wonderful results ! (Rice Dream is the only brand I have cared for.)


Soy milk results in a gummy, heavier baked good. I don't use it for baking unless I'm out of everything else.


The difference may be in the amount of solids in rice milk versus soy milk, with soy milk possessing a greater concentration -- or at least I have speculated on that (with no chemistry to back me up !)


Almond milk is good, too. I use rice milk more often, though, because it costs less.


Rice milk (very cold) is good over most dry cereals.


Almond milk is superb over granolas !


If anybody can tell me how on earth to "persuade" any of the non-dairy milks "to cooperate" when I try to make a stove-top pudding, I shall be eternally grateful !

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I use Rice Dream for baking all the time. I also have a soy/dairy allergic son. I recommend the original instead of the vanilla flavored though for baking as the vanilla will add more sweetness to the recipe. It works great in pancakes and omelettes and mashed potatoes. I actually prefer it to cow's milk over cereal. The only thing I've found that it does not work well for it boxed pudding mixes- mine never set. But I do use it in recipes like bread pudding successfully.


We buy the enriched kind, and it helps make up some of what a toddler/preschooler needs vitamin-wise. We make up the fat with avocadoes and other fat-dense foods.

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