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Help! I need suggestions and Wisdom!! - OT

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Okay so this really really OT so bare with me...


I clean and clean and clean my bathroom and toilet and it STILL stinks like a URINAL!!!!!! It is drving me nuts. I have tile floors that are only four years old and a new toilet that is five years old. I cannot get rid of the stinky smell. Getting rid of DH and sons are not an option :glare: so I need other ideas. Lysol, bleach, baking soda, planet urine animal urine smell remover does not work...


I NEED HELP!!! Any suggestions!!!!:001_huh:

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I would buy a new toilet seat. I have the same problems around here - 3 dss and a dh at home. Yesterday I cleaned the floor all around the toilet with plain vinegar. It seemed to help better than anything I have tried. I also second cleaning the walls.

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but BTDT.


Several things that helped:


1) remove seat and clean under the plastic bolts that screw through to attach seat to the porcelain bowl.


2) most important in our case was using a vinegar (acidic) solution to soak the grout in the tiles (to neutralize the ur*ne which is basic), taking that toilet off line for a couple of days to let the grout dry thoroughly, then sealing the grout (grout sealant--ask at your DIY store) so it wouldn't absorb liquids any more.


3) and nothing like letting the guys clean it for awhile to get them to be more careful. Ask me how I know. :) (Actually, I'm married to a "saint" who does them all weekly.)



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In addition to taking off the seat, make sure you clean all parts of the toilet. Up under in the nooks and crannies where you are sure nothing could ever get. If that still doesn't do it, you may need to take the toilet up from the floor. If someone hit the floor, urine may have seeped up underneath.

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Thank you for your words of wisdom. The boys do sit so that does help. I believe the biggest culprit is the largest of the boys....DH!


I have a black light that I use to dectect urine spots, but again, once cleaned it still stinks. I will begin to tryout the suggestions mentioned.


Now that I think about it...we never sealed the floor grout and that might help things. I also never tired vinegar. I treated it as thought it was animal urnine and ordered anti urine stuff from www.planeturine.com since their stuff works great for removed pet odors.




I will report back!

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I also spray cleaner in the space between the tank and the bowl as well as around the base of the bowl (ours isn't sealed to the floor). BTW after you spray that space between the tank and bowl be sure to wipe up the back side of the toilet and the floor. :eek:




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