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  1. Please tell me of any US Law or US Constitution curr that is downloadable or ebook format. This is for high school age and someone in remote location so they want a download or ebook. Thanks!
  2. We are a family of six, plus pets. We would like to live in a safe area near el cajon if possible. I am guessing rent is going to be around $2k/month for a house with fenced yard. It would be nice to find a HS group that is active too.
  3. Anyone know the nice/safe/midprice areas to rent in? Are the homeschool groups active? Any recommendations or advice is appreciated. Thanks!
  4. If you could move anywhere in the US, where would you move? If you had no home town, job was not an issue, and your move expenses would be paid. We need to move back to the states next year and need to pick a state/town/place.
  5. Here are my notes: Weight Loss: 7 Keto - Metabolism - 100 mg in AM & 100 mg in PM Forskolin - Burns fat - 125 mg in AM Caraway Seeds - Bloating Relora - Stress - 250 mg/day Saffron Extract - Kills hunger Cut bad cholesterol: Ocra, tofu, almonds, Benecol spread Oyster Mushrooms - 1/2 cup/day Red Yeast Rice Extract 1200 mg in AM and 1200 in PM
  6. Watching too much Dr. Oz. Where can I buy good quality vitamins online? Some of the items he and his guests recommend: 7 Keto Forskolin Caraway Seeds Re Ora Safron Extract Red Yeast Rice ... Looking for good quality whole foods, organic type stuff. I am trying, baby steps :001_smile:
  7. I like the white ink - it looks a bit like a branding and is less visible. You will be fine! Post a pic when you get back :)
  8. The first ultrasound the dr. said thick lining - second ultrasound his partner said think lining AND she saw a polyp. I have read online that biopsy only tells them if that one particular area has cancer. I am guessing that with a D&C they check a lot more areas for cancer? About 18 years ago I dealt with cryosurgery and then a year or so later biopsies because they couldn't tell where some abnormal cells were coming from and they never did and then a few years of normal paps after that. This round of visits was because I had over 30 days straight bleeding. It seems inhumane to keep dealing with these torturous tests and procedures. As scared as I am of general anesthesia, I wonder if a hysterectomy would solve all this torture once and for all. BTW, the perky AF dr. Who did the uterine biopsy 18 years ago said it was more dangerous for (morbidly obese) me to go under for a hysterectomy than risk getting cancer.
  9. My dr. Put me on some sort of pill for 3 cycles too. The lining is still thick :glare:
  10. Thank you HoopytheToad and PrairieMom. @PrairieMom, my mom had issues and they did a hysterectomy on her when she was in her 20s. My moms sister is battling breast cancer again and I believe my mom had lumps taken out of her breasts in her 20s. I don't know if that constitutes a family history. This is truly s stressful. Thank you again for replying.
  11. Anyone deal with thickened uterine lining/D&C/Hysterectomy? I am in Germany and I don't know if they treat thick uterine lining differently than in the US? Dr. said mine was 3cm and wants to do D&C. I am also scared of getting put under, I worry about not waking up. If they are going to put me out, I am wondering if I should ask for a hysterectomy before something turns cancerous. I have been dealing with different female issues for nearly 20 years. also, this dr. has never seen my past medical records AND I really have no idea who he is or how good he is ... A little bit of a language barrier too. Any advice or experience you can share please?
  12. Gag!!!! gasp!!!! :001_huh: ... and we will have TWO new drivers.
  13. OK. I appreciate the responses. They are still two weeks away from finishing their driving school - it sounds like it is a no-brainer to get them on the policy before they drive our cars. Now that I think about it, I bet they have to prove insurance before they get handed their licences. Thanks for the posts. I am just wary of ins. co's as it seems like they getcha if you do not know your rights. In my next life I want to be an ins. agent just so I know all my rights :lol:
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